Eight-time soft tip World Champion sets his sights on PDC glory: Boris Krcmar post-match interview

Croatian international, Boris Krcmar joined SportsBoom’s Louis Hobbs, following his dominant display against Keegan Brown in the first round of the PDC World Championships.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2023-12-20

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Krcmar blunts The Needle

In a remarkable display at the PDC World Championships, Boris Krcmar exhibited his skills with a brilliant victory over Keegan Brown. The Croatian player expressed his joy after the game, stating, "I feel really good. I know if I play my game, I can beat anybody. Today, I performed exceptionally well, and I felt comfortable on the stage."


Despite a brief setback in the first set, where Krcmar controlled the game but missed a crucial dart to clinch the set, he demonstrated resilience and mental fortitude to fight back and dominate the remainder of the match. 

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I had a dart to win the set, but missed. I was disappointed but I managed to get out of my own head. If I just play darts, I can beat anyone.

Krcmar on the early stages of his match

Steel tip vs soft tip

An eight-time world champion in soft tip, Krcmar acknowledged the transition to steel tip as a challenge, expressing, "I am so used to winning everything in soft tip, when I come up against these world-class players in steel tip, it's still a shock. I want to be the best in steel tip, but we will see." 


Discussing the differences between soft tip and steel tip, Krcmar highlighted the challenges of adapting to longer formats and tougher opponents in the PDC. Despite these differences, he hopes to continue to showcase his talent on the grand stage of the PDC World Championships.


Future at Ally Pally

The Croatian player also expressed his enjoyment of the lively crowd at Ally Pally, emphasising its impact on his performance. 

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The crowd is phenomenal. I have some friends from Croatia who have come to watch me too, which has helped. But the crowd is phenomenal; they definitely helped me win today.

Krcmar on the Ally Pally atmosphere

Looking ahead to the next round, where he faces Dirk Van Duijvenbode, Krcmar recognises the challenge but remains determined, stating, "I know Dirk is one of the best players in the world, but I will give my best. I hope I can win. We will see."


Krcmar's journey to this stage involved overcoming a tough qualifying process, and his confidence stems from playing exceptionally well during the qualifiers. With his impressive second ever Ally Pally victory achieved, Boris Krcmar has firmly announced his presence in the PDC World Championships, leaving fans eager to witness his continued development on the global darts stage.

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