2024 Masters: Jack Lisowski Crushes World Champion Brecel

In a stunning performance at the 2024 MrQ Masters, Jack Lisowski secured a commanding 6-2 victory over the reigning world champion, Luca Brecel. The post-match interview provides insights into Lisowski's mindset, strategy, and reflections on the game.

2024 Masters: Jack Lisowski Crushes World Champion Brecel
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Lisowski hits the Jack-pot

The 50th edition of the 2024 MrQ Masters at Alexandra Palace commenced with a dazzling display as Jack Lisowski clinched a resounding 6-2 victory over the reigning world champion, Luca Brecel.


Lisowski dominated the initial four frames, impressively notching breaks of 70, 100, 96, and 69, establishing a formidable 4-0 lead before the mid-session interval.


However, despite a spirited comeback attempt from the Belgian Bullet, who countered with runs of 80 and 72, Lisowski ultimately sealed the win with additional breaks of 63 and 68. This secured a commanding triumph for the Jack-pot in the opening round of this prestigious tournament.



Dominant Display against the World Champ

Lisowski expressed his satisfaction with the thrilling encounter, acknowledging the challenge posed by Brecel's comeback attempts. Lisowski stated, "Yeah, it's a really exciting game, and I won the first four frames and played really well. Luca started coming back at me, he looked good, obviously world champion, so I'm happy to get the win."


The interview highlighted Lisowski's focus on maintaining composure and capitalising on his own strengths during the match. He commented on the early moments of the game, saying, "I was just trying to keep my concentration and not get too excited. I felt like I was cueing really well."

The Ally Pally Stage

Reflecting on the importance of confidence, Lisowski downplayed any preconceived expectations from last year's semi-final run, stating, "I just wanted to win another game here, but I wasn't really thinking about last year’s run today. It's always a big occasion, a massive tournament. It's very daunting and a great place to play well at and a worse place to play bad at. So, you've got to be on it."


Despite admitting initial nerves, the 32-year-old credited his good form to a positive mindset, saying, "I didn't think anything really. I was really scared coming out today because I've been struggling recently in my game, and it started well, and I just felt really good when I was in. I don't know why. There's not a formula to it."

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You can't think, 'Oh, I've won it because you haven't, you've still got to finish the game off, and you've got to stay really calm. It's really hard to do.

Lisowski acknowledging the challenge of staying focused during breaks.

Preparation for the Next Round

Following his victory, Lisowski is set to take a brief hiatus, traveling back to his hometown of Gloucester. The snooker maestro plans to unwind and recharge before making his way back to London on Wednesday evening, gearing up for the quarterfinal clash scheduled for Thursday.


When asked about his next opponent, Lisowski casually mentioned, "Yeah, I play the winner of Zhang [Anda] and [Shaun] Murphy. I won't be watching that game tonight; I'll just go home, chill out, and come back Wednesday night."


The snooker enthusiast revealed his routine to maintain momentum, stating, "Wake up tomorrow, practice all day, go to sleep. Wake up Tuesday, do the same. Do the same again Wednesday, come here, wake up Thursday, try and chill out, have a little practice, come back Thursday night."


Lisowski's calm and focused demeanour suggests he is ready to face either Zhang Anda or Shaun Murphy in the next round, maintaining the same approach that brought him success in the opening match of the 2024 Masters.


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