A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Level a Pool Table

How you fix a wonky or uneven pool table? Don't call a professional just yet, and check out our step by step guide to help your playing on a straight pool table once again!

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-03-07

Umaima Saeed

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to level a pool table – the cornerstone of every game room and the sacred ground for pool aficionados worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual player, ensuring your pool table is perfectly level is essential for a fair and enjoyable game. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through each step of the process of levelling a pool table, providing detailed instructions and expert tips to help you achieve pool table perfection. Let's dive in, so that you don’t get accused of having a wonky table the next time you host a game. 

Assessing the Table

Before you begin the levelling process, it's crucial to assess the current state of your pool table. Grab your trusty carpenter's level and place it across the width and length of the table. Take note of any areas where the surface is uneven or tilted. This step will serve as your roadmap for making the necessary adjustments. Test your level. Level your level. You levelled? At this point you should be filming it, so that you friends can see the proof should they ever dare to challenge your level. 

Gathering Your Tools

Equipping yourself with the right tools is key to a successful levelling job. Sounds so dirty. Make sure you have a socket wrench or a set of wrenches handy, as well as a stable surface to work on. Additionally, having a supply of shims on hand will come in handy for fine-tuning adjustments later on. Shims are like little construction post-it notes for later. Prepare your workspace and ensure you have enough room to manoeuvre around the table comfortably. Also avoid beverages around the workspace, unless you want things messy. 

Adjusting the Leg-Levellers

Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. Use your wrench to loosen the bolts or screws that secure the table legs to the frame. This step allows for flexibility in repositioning the legs to achieve the desired levelness. Once the fasteners are loosened, carefully assess the table's stability and identify which legs need adjustment. Most modern pool tables have levelling devices built in, so you can always check the model, and go on YouTube to see if someone has done it. YouTube should be the place you start on 'how to level a pool table' to begin with grandpa. 
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Placing Shims for Support

For legs that require raising to achieve a level surface, shims are your best friend. These small wedges or spacers provide support and help fill gaps to ensure stability. Position the shims strategically under the legs, taking care to distribute them evenly to achieve balance. This step may require some trial and error, so be patient and make adjustments as needed. Do not eat or swallow the shims. Also, so do not cover yourself in shims and then tell everyone ‘I’ve got the Shims’. It’s been done. 

Testing and Fine-Tuning

With the legs adjusted and shims in place, it's time to put your work to the test. Use your carpenter's level to check the table's levelness by placing it across various points on the surface. Make any necessary fine-tuning adjustments to ensure the table is perfectly level from end to end.
 Do not sit on it to test it, nor allow anyone else too. That’s not the point of levelling a pool table. 

Confirming Stability

Once you're satisfied with the levelness of the table, it's important to secure the legs in place. Tighten the bolts or screws to ensure the legs are stable and secure. This step is crucial for preventing any movement during gameplay and maintaining the integrity of the playing surface.
Level it again. Is she good? Are we happy that no one is going to bust us for having an off-kilter table? Good, now cover it and never touch it again. Or the other options

Enjoying the Results

With your pool table now level and ready for action, it's time to invite friends over for a game and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Revel in the satisfaction of knowing that every shot taken on your table will be on a fair and level playing field. With attention to detail and a commitment to precision, you'll be ready to showcase your skills and host unforgettable gaming sessions. Or just use the opportunity to practice like hell, and ensure that your dominance is a fragrance that they wear home.

By following this comprehensive guide and taking the time to properly level your pool table, you can ensure a professional-quality playing surface that enhances the enjoyment of every game, and lessons the chance of you getting accused of having a warped table. With patience, perseverance, and a little elbow grease, you'll master the art of pool table levelling and become the envy of your fellow players. So grab your cue, line up your shot, and let the games begin!
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How much does it cost to level a pool table?

Depending on the table, it could range from $500-$1000.

How do I level a 3 slate pool table?  
Just follow the above, or hire a professional if you’re nervous.

How often should you level/re-level a pool table?  
Most experts recommend checking and re-levelling annually, especially for heavily used tables. Anytime the table is moved, it will need to be re-levelled in the new location.

How do you check if a pool table is level?  
Place the level on the table's slate surface and check it along the length and width. Check across all rail sections. Any deviation from perfectly level indicates adjustments are needed.

Can you level Diamond and MDF the same way?
Yes, most pool levelling is quite universal.

How do you level a pool table on carpet? 
Use shims or plywood pieces under the table legs to stabilise it, then adjust the height of the shims until the table is level. Check the levelness using a bubble level across the playing surface.

How do you level a pool table on an uneven floor? 
First identify the uneven areas and mark them, then use levelling compound or self-levelling concrete to fill in the gaps. Allow the compound to dry completely before placing the pool table on top, then test with a level.

How do you level a pool table without adjustable legs?
Place shims or wooden blocks under the legs, then adjust the thickness of the shims until the table is level. Use a bubble level to ensure evenness across the playing surface.

How do you level a Brunswick pool table?
First check YouTube to see if someone has done it with your model number. Identify the adjustable leg-levellers located beneath the table. Use a wrench to turn the levellers clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the height. Check the levelness using a bubble level across the playing  surface.

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