Historic 10-Year Deal Brings Major Snooker and Pool Championships to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is set to host two major billiards events, the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters, and the World Pool Championship, in a ground-breaking 10-year deal. With the support of global partners and local authorities, these tournaments signify the country's commitment to sports development and community engagement, offering significant opportunities for both international players and emerging local talent.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-02-14

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Historic Partnership with Saudi Arabia Unveiled

Saudi Arabia is set to become a focal point for billiards in the Middle East as it embarks on a ground-breaking 10-year partnership to host two major annual sporting events: the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters and the World Pool Championship.


In a monumental announcement, the World Snooker Tour and World Nineball Tour revealed their collaboration with the Saudi Arabian Billiard & Snooker Federation and the Ministry of Sport for Saudi Arabia. This unprecedented alliance will kick off this summer with events scheduled in Riyadh and Jeddah.

World Pool Championship

The inaugural phase of this partnership will commence with the 2024 World Pool Championship, slated to take place from June 3rd to 8th at the Green Halls in Jeddah. A remarkable prize fund of $1,000,000 awaits the elite pool cueists, featuring renowned champions such as Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, Shane Van Boening, and Joshua Filler.


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Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters

Following this, snooker enthusiasts can anticipate the highly anticipated launch of the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters in Riyadh from August 31st to September 7th. Positioned as snooker's 'fourth major', this event boasts a prize pool exceeding £2 million, making it the second richest event on the prestigious World Snooker Tour schedule for 2024.


The Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters will welcome all 128 tour players alongside six local wild cards selected by the Saudi Arabian Billiard & Snooker Federation, ensuring a diverse and competitive field.


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Royal Endorsement from the Saudi Minister of Sport

HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal, Saudi Minister of Sport, expressed enthusiasm for the addition of these global events, citing them as integral components of Saudi Arabia's strategy to promote sports participation and inspire its populace through live sporting action.


“Saudi Arabia is an ever-emerging home to all sports and we’re excited by the opportunity to add new world-class events in snooker and Nineball pool to our growing year-round calendar. Hosting global events is all part of our strategy to grow all sports and to inspire our people to participate by giving them the chance to enjoy live sporting action. We are a young country with a young population and the approach is working. Since 2018 we’ve hosted over 100 international sports events and during that time sports participation has more than tripled”, he commented. 

Vision 2030 Impact

Under the Vision 2030 initiative, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a prominent host for numerous international sporting events, reflecting its commitment to fostering a vibrant sports culture and engaging both male and female athletes on a global scale.

Eddie Hearn’s Perspective

Eddie Hearn, chairman of Matchroom Sport, praised Saudi Arabia's proactive approach in cultivating opportunities for sports growth and innovation. He emphasized the transformative potential of the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters and World Pool Championship, likening their impact to the significant strides witnessed in the realm of boxing within the region.


“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has forged a reputation for growth and creating new opportunities for sports to grow in a new market to new fans. The country has hosted some of the world’s premier sporting events in recent years, welcoming visitors from all over to experience its passion for sport and unique culture. The addition of both the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters and World Pool Championship over the next decade further enhances that as it heralds an exciting chapter for Snooker and Nineball pool. We have seen the incredible impact Boxing has had in this region. Now, I believe we will see Billiards cement its legacy here too, creating incredible opportunities and competition for the finest players on the planet”, said Hearn. 

Local Support and Development

Dr. Nasser Saab Al-Shammari, President of the Saudi Arabia Billiard & Snooker Federation, hailed the introduction of these landmark events as a game-changing moment for billiards in the Kingdom. He highlighted the invaluable opportunities these tournaments will provide for local talent to compete alongside the world's best players, ultimately accelerating the development and progression of snooker and pool in Saudi Arabia.


He added: “The introduction of two brand new global events in Saudi Arabia with long-term deals in place is absolute game changing moment for our sports. We have a flourishing community but until now opportunities were limited expose to the game’s elite.”


“This will undoubtedly accelerate our progress and development. We look forward to warmly welcoming the very best snooker and Nineball pool players in the world to the Kingdom and taking their sports into the heart of our communities, while also giving emerging young Saudi players the chance to compete at this level for the first time with a ‘home’ event.”  


“Both events will be underpinned by community engagement to introduce new players to the sport and will open new talent pathways over the decade. Clinics for coaches, for referees and player visits will guarantee a massive boost and a bright future for both snooker and pool in Saudi Arabia.”   

Community Engagement and Global Exposure

Community engagement will be a cornerstone of both events, with initiatives aimed at introducing new players to the sport and fostering talent pathways for emerging Saudi athletes. Furthermore, global television syndication will ensure widespread coverage and viewership for the Saudi Arabia Snooker Masters and the World Pool Championship.


As preparations for these historic events unfold, the commitment to growing and developing billiards in the region remains steadfast, with continued collaboration between the sports federations and a shared dedication to nurturing the next generation of players. Additional details regarding both championships will be forthcoming from the World Snooker Tour and the World Nineball Tour in due course.

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