2024 Players Championship: Judd Trump Ready to ‘Save His Best for Last’

After securing a decisive 6-3 triumph against Chris Wakelin in the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Players Championship, Judd Trump provided exclusive insights in a post-match interview with SportsBoom.com, reflecting on his stellar performance and discussing key decisions such as his recent withdrawal from the Welsh Open.

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Trump Dumps Wakelin

The resumption of snooker in Telford marked a momentous occasion as Judd Trump clashed with Chris Wakelin in a riveting encounter at the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Players Championship. Although Wakelin exhibited flashes of brilliance early on, it was Trump's commanding display that ultimately prevailed, clinching a commanding 6-2 victory. Trump's mastery of the table was evident, propelling him forward to the subsequent stage of the tournament with confidence and determination.

Judd Dissects His Performance

During an exclusive post-match interview with SportsBoom.com, Judd Trump delved into the intricacies of his performance, acknowledging the initial hurdles encountered in the match. "It was tricky at the start, a bit of a slow start," he admitted, reflecting on the challenges faced early on. 


However, Trump highlighted a pivotal turning point as the game unfolded, noting a shift towards a more fluid and dynamic gameplay. "The balls opened up and I was able to just knuckle down and play with a bit more freedom," he elaborated, emphasising his ability to capitalse on this transition. 


Trump's strategic approach paid dividends, culminating in a remarkable display of skill, notably with his impressive 139-century break saved for the climactic moments of the match.

Trump’s Tournament Management

Trump's recent victory follows a hiatus from competitive play, a decision underscored by his withdrawal from the Welsh Open. Reflecting on this choice, Trump provided valuable insights into his strategic approach to managing his tournament schedule. "The season I've had so far has been amazing," he remarked, highlighting his remarkable success in reaching multiple finals. 


Yet, amidst this achievement, Trump revealed a recurring pattern in his career. "I've always been someone that tries to play in every single event, and just to keep the momentum going," he explained. However, he candidly admitted to experiencing burnout in past seasons, a factor that has hindered his performance towards the end of the season. "A couple of times when I have had my best seasons, I've run out of steam towards the end," he acknowledged. 


This realisation prompted Trump to adopt a new perspective, driven by a desire to sustain his motivation and hunger for success. "So, I think for me it was important to try something different," he concluded, indicating a deliberate shift in his approach to tournament participation. By prioritising his physical and mental well-being, Trump aims to optimise his performance and longevity in the sport, ensuring a sustainable path to continued success.



The Ace in Saudi Arabia

Additionally, Trump expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion of snooker into new territories, particularly highlighting the recent announcement of the Saudi Arabia Masters. "There's been a couple of new announcements for next season already and I think it's important for snooker as the viewing figures are at an all-time high so it’s the perfect opportunity to keep expanding the game into new territories wherever possible," Trump remarked, highlighting the importance of capitalising on the sport's growing popularity. 


He welcomed the opportunity for snooker to reach wider audiences, noting the significance of expanding into new territories with high viewing figures. "As a snooker player, it is exciting to see the money going up, get into play in different places," Trump added, acknowledging the potential benefits for players and the sport as a whole. 


He eagerly anticipated the prospect of competing in Saudi Arabia, citing his track record of success in new event settings. "I'm super excited to have more tournaments to go out next season," Trump exclaimed, expressing his love for exploring new places and his optimism for the opportunities that lie ahead in the Saudi Arabia Masters and beyond.


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