How long has Patrick Mahomes been in the NFL?

Patrick Mahomes has already won two Super Bowls, but how long has he actually been in the NFL?

How long has Patrick Mahomes been in the NFL?
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How long has Patrick Mahomes been in the NFL?

The NFL has seen its fair share of remarkable talents throughout its storied history, but few have ignited a spark as bright and dynamic as Patrick Mahomes. 
From his early days as a baseball and football player of sporting lineage, to his current superstar status, Mahomes has left an indelible mark on the league, rewriting the script of quarterback greatness.

How long has Patrick Mahomes been in the NFL? Not as long as you would think, for a young man who has won so much.

Early Beginnings

Patrick Mahomes burst onto the NFL scene in 2017 when the Kansas City Chiefs traded up in the draft to select the young quarterback from Texas Tech University. The Chiefs' decision to move up to the 10th overall pick was a bold move, signaling their belief in Mahomes' potential.  
The Chicago Bears had intimated to Patrick that they would be selecting him in the 2017 Draft, when they opted for Mitchell Trubisky instead. Look how that turned out.  
When did it all begin for Patrick Mahomes in the NFL? Right now. 

Rise to Stardom

In his rookie season, Mahomes served as the understudy to veteran quarterback Alex Smith, learning the nuances of the NFL game. Despite limited playing time, Mahomes showcased glimpses of his extraordinary talent during practice and pre-season games, leaving fans eager for his full debut.
The Chiefs would go onto to lose a heart-breaker to the Titans in the AFC finals that year, and the chants of ‘Mahomes’ began. 

Breakout Season and MVP Glory

The 2018 season marked Mahomes' meteoric rise to stardom. As the Chiefs' starting quarterback, he shattered expectations, displaying a level of skill and composure seldom seen in a player so young. His arm strength, accuracy, and ability to improvise under pressure quickly captivated audiences.
It was like watching a baseball player play football, and we had never seen anything like it before.  
Mahomes led the league with an astonishing 50 touchdown passes, securing the NFL MVP award, a testament to his exceptional talent and impact on the field. He steered the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game, falling just short against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Not bad for a 23 year-old in his first season. 

Super Bowl Triumph and Legacy

The 2019 season culminated in Mahomes and the 12-4 Chiefs clinching their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. In a stunning comeback fashion, Mahomes displayed his clutch gene, orchestrating a remarkable rally in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers, stacking up 24 fourth quarter points in a miraculous fashion.
 Patrick Mahomes became a Super Bowl MVP at only 24 years old. 

Contract Extension and Leadership

Following his awe-inspiring performances, Mahomes penned a record-breaking contract extension worth over $500 million over 10 years with bonuses, solidifying his commitment to the Chiefs for the long haul. Beyond his on-field prowess, Mahomes emerged as a leader, guiding and inspiring his teammates both on and off the gridiron.

Patrick has also had to deal with the antics of his younger brother Jackson Mahomes, who has found himself afoul of the law and good taste on numerous occasions.

Second Super Bowl and More

The Chiefs came out firing in the 2022 season, after a few years of sporting suck due to Covid. With a stunning 14-3 record, Mahomes and the Chiefs looked unstoppable as the combination of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce lit up the turf across the league.  Kansas City was able to sneak by the Bengals in the AFC final, then met the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.
Once again the magic of Mahomes won the day, as the Chiefs busted the nuts of the Eagles in a thriller, and Patrick took home his second MVP, an NFL MVP, and became a multiple Super Bowl winner.  Now that’s talent. 

The 2023 season is still unfolding, and it looks unlikely that the Mahomes will return to the Super Bowl, but you never know how long Patrick Mahomes will be in the NFL.  

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Continued Success and Impact

Mahomes' impact on the game extends beyond statistics and accolades. His playing style has redefined the quarterback position, showcasing a blend of athleticism, intelligence, and creativity that has inspired a new wave of aspiring quarterbacks.
Let’s not forget that Patrick Mahomes was born in 1995, which means that if plays for as long as Tom Brady did, we could have Mahomes in the NFL until 2040.  
Patrick Mahomes playing in the year 2040?  Think about that, and then we’ll have that GOAT conversation then.


What year did Patrick Mahomes enter the NFL?

-Mahomes entered the league in 2017, when he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs  

What year was Patrick Mahomes born?

-Patrick was born in 1995?  

Where did Mahomes go to college?
-Patrick went to school at Texas Tech-playing football and baseball. 

How many Super Bowls has Patrick Mahomes won?  
-As of 2023, Patrick has won 2 Super Bowls, in 2019 & 2022.  

Who was Patrick Mahomes father?  
-Patrick’s dad is former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes. 

What number does Patrick Mahomes wear?

-Patrick Mahomes wears #15.

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