Who is the Shortest NFL Player?

Height can be an issue in the NFL, but not for these gentlemen, as they prove that size doesn't matter. Who are some of the shorter NFL players?

Who is the Shortest NFL Player?
Wade McElwain

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Last updated: 2023-11-14

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In the dynamic and physically demanding world of American football, size often matters. However, there are exceptional athletes who break the mold, proving that height is not the only factor that determines success on the gridiron.
Sure it helps to be a big man in a big game, but don’t overlook the little guy, as they are often pretty speedy.

Let’s take a look at some of the shortest players in the NFL for the 2023 season.

Deuce Vaughan-5’5”

The title for the shortest NFL player in the league this year officially resides with Dallas Cowboys running back Christopher ‘Deuce’ Vaughan, who comes in at 5’ 5”.
While the Cowboys have boasted a slew of amazing running backs over the past few decades, the sprite and powerful running game of Deuce has made him a fan favourite.

JJ Taylor-5’6”

Things might be bigger in Texas, but not when it comes to Houston running back JJ Taylor. 
Entering his third season in the NFL, Taylor is not only a stand-out punt returner, but also a professional Rocket League Esports player.

Boston Scott-5’6”

Philadelphia Eagles speedster Boston Scott is also in the 5’6” club, although he does also have the distinction of making a Super Bowl appearance against the Chiefs.  Like JJ, Scott is also a Rocket League team owner and player.

Deonte Hardy-5’6”

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Deonte Hardy is the first non-running back on the list, as this diminutive speedster comes in as a member of the 5’6” club.  Although originally signed by the Saints as a punt returner, Hardy has seen his stock grow in the league as he continues to adapt.

Jakeem Grant-5’6”

Another wide receiver who was initially brought in to return punts is Cleveland Browns receiver Jakeem Grant. This former stand-out from Texas Tech was signed by the Miami Dolphins in the 6th round of the 2016 Draft.  Sadly Grant injured himself on the final 2023 Preseason game, and was place on IR, effectively ended his season.

Devin Singletary-5’7”

Our first entry into the 5’7” club is Devin Singletary, who has had an NFL career with the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans where the ‘Motor’ has been wheeling his ways.  Although small in stature, Singletary has been making his mark in the NFL already with some stellar performances.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire-5’7”

Clyde might only be 5’7”, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting his very own Super Bowl ring in LVII with the Kansas City Chiefs. A running back with blistering speed and versatility, Edwards-Helaire was also a National Champion with LSU in 2019 to add to his impressive awards.

There are many more NFL players that might be small in size, but big in team appreciation for the efforts that they put on the field each and every week. 
Some of these other 5’ 7” players include:

  • Greg Dortch-Arizona Cardinals
  • Mondale Moore-Arizona Cardinals
  • Tyler Snead-Pittsburgh Steelers

Shortest NFL Player Ever

The title for the shortest NFL player ever goes to Jack ‘Soupy’ Shapiro who played five games for the 1929 Staten Island Stapletons.
Standing at only 5’1”, Shapiro went on to win a Guinness Book of World Records achievement for being the Shortest NFL Player on record.

In terms of the shortest player in 2023, that title belongs to the Cowboys Deuce Vaughan, but old Soupy Shapiro still has the official title of shortest NFL player ever.

Wade McElwain

Wade McElwain

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