Frans Mlambo is Ready for an Irish Takeover

PFL fighter Frans Mlambo is ready to take the title, as he looks ahead to his Bantamweight Championship fight in Dublin.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2023-11-29

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Frans Mlambo is Ready for an Irish Takeover


Frans Mlambo, the Irish/Nigerian powerhouse of the MMA world, is set to rock the stage at the PFL Championship on December 8th at Dublin's Three Arena, as part of the 2023 ‘Irish Takeover’. Brace yourselves for the showdown of the year as Frans steps into the octagon to claim the Bantamweight Championship belt against none other than Khurshed Kakhorov, better known as 'The Killer’. Frans Mlambo is ready for an Irish Take-over himself, as he hope to use this fight to advance his PFL career. 

With a stellar 7-win streak under his belt, Frans has been making waves, finishing his last 8 bouts with 4 KOs and 4 submissions. At 32, he's deemed a veteran due to his experience, yet his dynamism and energy in the ring remains unmatched. He’s been training in Dublin at Conor McGregor’s ‘Straight Blast Gym’, and has been instrumental in the past in helping Conor prepare for his Floyd Mayweather fight. 

In an exclusive interview with SportsBoom's Wade McElwain, Frans spilled the beans on his preparation and feelings about the upcoming bout. "I'm feeling very good, man," Frans shared. "Training is going perfect. All it is right now is a waiting game because I'm ready to go."

Despite being promised some major fights by the PFL in 2024, that has been even further delayed to 2025, putting many of Frans’ aspirations on hold. Despite the delay in the big-money fight year he was anticipating, Frans remains resolute. "The PFL is promising to keep me active and build me within the organisation," he explained. "I'll stick with them for now, work on getting where we need to get to."
Reflecting on past fights that led to this PFL final, Frans highlighted moments where he felt he could have sealed the deal sooner, expressing his determination to capitalise on opportunities.  He knows that this is the fight, where he needs to be able act quicker. Discussing his opponent Kakhorov, Frans revealed, "We've trained together. He's much better now, but I welcome the challenge. The better the fighter, the better the performance.”

With fierce Muay Thai and slick boxing in his back pocket, Mlambo also holds over a 20cm reach advantage against his opponent. He plans to use his length and range to neutralise any offensive attack Kakhorov launches.
"I'm just a ranging fighter, you know what I'm saying...with this guy I'm just a bit longer as well so that's another bonus I suppose.”

When it comes to fight night, Frans doesn't do predictions but hinted at an all-around thrilling match. "Stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting fight," he teased.

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The fight against Kakhorov presents an intriguing clash of styles. With Frans' imposing reach and Kakhorov's prowess, the octagon promises a battleground of epic proportions. The hometown advantage in Dublin's Three Arena only amplifies the excitement, with Frans relishing the support from the crowd and feeling the surge of energy.

As the countdown to December 8th begins, the anticipation for this showdown intensifies. Frans Mlambo, with his raw talent and sheer determination, is poised to light up the Irish Takeover with a electric performance that will help shape his fighting future.  
So many great fights on tap for the evening, so stay tuned for a night of electrifying action as these two warriors collide in the pursuit of greatness at the PFL Bantamweight Championship finals.

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