Deon Bush is ready for his second ring

Ahead of Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas, Richard Graves sat down with Chiefs safety Deon Bush prior to the big game.

Richard Graves
Richard Graves

Last Updated: 2024-02-06

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With Super Bowl 58 just around the corner, veteran journalist Richard Graves is in Las Vegas ahead of the big game, and had a chance to sit down with Chiefs safety Deon Bush.  In this exclusive interview for SportsBoom, Bush reflected on appearing in his second Super Bowl in a row, as well as preparing for that fierce D of the 49ers. 

Deon Bush Reflects on the Chiefs' Emotional Journey to the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs have had an incredibly emotional journey to get back to the Super Bowl this season. Safety Deon Bush spoke about the team's mindset and belief that has carried them through a rocky mid-season to reach the big game again. “And, you know, every year got different journeys. This year has been a special journey 'cause you know, it came with a little bit of obstacles and yet we're still here and living in the moment, we're gonna have fun with it though.”

Maintaining Belief Through Adversity

The Chiefs faced some turbulence after starting the 2023 season strong. Bush said the team hit a rough patch where they lost 4 games in a row, but they never lost faith in themselves or each other. Patrick Mahomes gathered the team in the locker room and told them he still believed in them, which resonated through the locker room.  “So, you know, just coming from a guy like that, everybody just kept their belief system and, you know, just kept on trying to figure it out and keep on working until we got back to this moment”

The Chiefs have a “championship culture” that allows them to stay focused internally rather than listening to outside noise and doubters, according to Bush. The team bunkers down and keeps working every day to improve, which has fueled their sustained success.

Trust in DC Steve Spagnuolo

A major factor in the Chiefs' ability to regroup is their trust in Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Bush called him "the best mind I've been around" and a great leader that the players believe in fully. Spagnuolo always has a strong game plan that the defense executes at a high level when they play their roles.
“Everybody believes in him, everybody trusts him. We know that he's gonna have a game plan for us and we know that we just gotta execute it and, you know, we execute most of the time we play at a high level.”

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Focused on the Tough 49ers Challenge

Now Kansas City has fought its way back to the Super Bowl to take on the talented San Francisco 49ers, Bush called them probably the most talented team the Chiefs have faced this year. Young 49ers QB Brock Purdy has been playing at an elite level, and they have dangerous weapons like Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and Christian McCaffrey.  

Bush said it will take a total team effort to contain San Francisco's versatile attack. The Chiefs need to trust their preparation and each other to try to go back-to-back, which would be an incredible accomplishment. Only a few teams in history have won two straight Super Bowls, so Kansas City is highly motivated to achieve that legendary status.
“So it's gonna take a effort and we're gonna have to just, you know, trust in Spags and, you know, trust in each other and you know, just keep preparing man.”

The Chiefs have already overcome doubts and adversity this season. With their championship culture and trust in each other, Deon Bush and the team are ready to embrace the challenge of capping their emotional journey with another Super Bowl win.

With his second straight appearance in the Super Bowl, Bush is taking the whole process in stride, “It means so much to everybody, man, that everybody wants to make this happen more than anything… we're just enjoying the process and having fun with it.”

Super Bowl LVII kicks off at 6:30pm EST in Las Vegas on Feb 11, 2024. 

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