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2024 World Grand Prix: Gary Wilson Looks Ahead to Ronnie O’Sullivan

Gary Wilson secured a thrilling triumph in the second round of the Spreadex World Grand Prix, defeating Tom Ford with a 4-2 win and earning a coveted spot in the quarterfinals. This significant victory now propels Wilson into an eagerly anticipated face-off against snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan in the upcoming round. Wilson's insights into this impending clash were exclusively shared in a post-match interview with SportsBoom.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-19

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Wilson Clinches Victory

With a remarkable 121 break to kick off the match, Wilson set the tone for a thrilling encounter that unfolded at Leicester’s Morningside Arena. 


The second frame witnessed Wilson's solid snooker skills in action, allowing him to secure a 2-0 lead and assert his dominance early in the game. Momentum continued to swing in Wilson's favour as he delivered an impressive 75 break in the third frame, further solidifying his control over the match.


However, Tom Ford mounted a comeback with an 83 break and an impressive century of 113 in the subsequent two frames, narrowing the score line to 3-2. 


In a dramatic turn of events, Wilson sealed the deal with a break of 73 in the final frame, securing a 4-2 victory and booking his well-deserved place in the quarterfinals. With the win, Wilson now faces the formidable Ronnie O'Sullivan, adding an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to the upcoming clash. 

The Tyneside Terror Reflects

In an exclusive post-match interview with SportsBoom, Wilson shared his thoughts on the game. He began by acknowledging the positive aspects of his performance, stating, "I played all right the first few frames. Tom missed a couple. I played a couple of bad shots and I felt I was queuing all right." Wilson's ability to capitalize on chances and maintain control played a pivotal role in securing the crucial win.


Despite encountering a hiccup with an incident involving the black being spotted, Wilson commended himself for holding it together in the final frame, remarking, "Luckily I held myself together enough in the last frame when I got a chance there to make enough to win."



Mental Struggle with the Game

When asked about his current mental state in the tournament, Wilson admitted to facing challenges, stating, "Generally I'm struggling. Struggling and it is genuinely the case." He elaborated on the struggles, attributing them to technical issues that have persisted over an extended period. "I've been struggling technically for a long, long time, and it becomes a habit. It becomes very hard to claw your way back to what you used to be able to play like a long, long time ago," Wilson explained.


Despite his difficulties, Wilson expressed confidence in his recent form, noting, "I'm playing not too bad to be honest. And that doesn't come out of my mouth very often, so that must mean something."

Practice sessions as a Crucial Battleground

Addressing his approach to practice, Wilson revealed the efforts he has invested in rectifying technical issues. "If you're struggling technically, you have to go on the practice table and try different things and try and work out what's the best way to do it for yourself," he stated, shedding light on the challenges of constant self-battle during practice sessions.

Playing The Rocket

Looking ahead to the quarterfinals against Ronnie O'Sullivan, Wilson emphasised his focus on the game itself rather than the opponent. "For me, it's playing against the 12 by six table with the 22 balls on there. It's nothing to do with anyone else," he asserted. While acknowledging O'Sullivan's status as the greatest, Wilson remained undeterred, stating, "Everybody's a good player. Everybody can do generally, what Ronnie can do to an extent."

Crowd Dynamics and Player Mindset

Wilson also touched on the potential impact of the crowd when facing a player of O'Sullivan's calibre. He dismissed any concerns, stating, "Not unless there were some purposeful things being said while I'm on my shot and it gets sort of off-putting, then that's different."


In conclusion, Wilson's hard-fought victory over Tom Ford and his resilient mindset set the stage for an intriguing quarterfinal clash against Ronnie O'Sullivan, promising snooker fans an exciting battle between two skilled competitors.


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