Matty Pearson: Huddersfield Must Embrace Physicality to Avoid Relegation

In an exclusive interview, Huddersfield Town's Matty Pearson discusses the team's strategy to avoid relegation, emphasizing the importance of embracing physicality, taking responsibility, and maintaining focus.

Neil Goulding
Neil Goulding

Last Updated: 2024-03-12

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Huddersfield Town defender Matty Pearson highlighted in an open interview with how critical it is for his club to have a more aggressive stance in order to avoid being demoted from the Championship.

Embracing Physicality as a Strategy 

Pearson, who has been a stalwart in Huddersfield's defense for three seasons, believes that the team's strength lies in overpowering their opponents physically. "Our best style is roughing up teams. That’s our strength," he asserted, highlighting the importance of getting "tight to people" and putting in maximum effort on the field.

Taking Responsibility and Focusing on Winning

Acknowledging the perilous position of the club in the relegation zone, Pearson stressed the significance of focusing solely on their own performances rather than relying on other teams' results. "It’s down to us, it’s in our own hands," he affirmed, emphasising the team's determination to secure victories and climb out of danger.

Drawing from past experiences, particularly from a miraculous escape from relegation last season, Pearson expressed confidence in Huddersfield's ability to replicate such feats. "I’ve certainly been in a lot worse positions," he recalled, highlighting the team's resilience and refusal to be daunted by their current predicament.

Learning Under André Breitenreiter

Under the guidance of the new manager André Breitenreiter, Pearson spoke positively about the team's adaptation to a high-energy playing style aimed at securing victories. He praised Breitenreiter for instilling a winning mentality and stressed the importance of focusing on the remaining fixtures rather than contemplating the future.

Image Credits: BBC Sports

Image Credits: BBC Sports

Guarding Against Over-Confidence

Even though they have been playing well under Breitenreiter, Pearson warned against getting too comfortable and emphasised the importance of maintaining focus and effort in every game. He cautioned, pointing out the unpredictable nature of football and the possible repercussions of underestimating opponents. "It's about not getting too confident," he said.
In summary, Pearson's observations illuminate Huddersfield's resolve to battle their way out of relegation danger, stressing the significance of accepting physicality, accepting accountability, and staying focused in the pivotal matches that lie ahead.

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