Chiefs OT Lucas Niang on France and Mahomes

Ahead of SuperBowl LVIII in Las Vegas, we chat with Chiefs offensive tackle Lucas Niang.

Richard Graves
Richard Graves

Last Updated: 2024-02-06

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With Super Bowl 58 just around the corner, veteran journalist Richard Graves is in Las Vegas to preview the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.
In this exclusive interview for SportsBoom, Richard sits down with Chiefs offensive lineman Lucas Niang to discuss their epic match-up on Sunday February 11th. 

Facing the Challenge of the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Lucas Niang spoke about the upcoming Super Bowl LVII match-up against the San Francisco 49ers. He emphasised the responsibility of the offensive line to protect star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, saying "You gotta keep, keep Pat clean. You know, that's, that's the key to getting every victory."

On Mahomes' Impact

Describing Mahomes, Niang stated "I think he makes, he makes our jobs easier by just being exceptional, moving in the pocket, staying calm. He's gonna work with you." He highlighted Mahomes' ability to move and stay poised under pressure.

Reflecting on the Journey

Recalling his Super Bowl journey, Niang said "I'd say my first, my big pinch me would've been, uh, last year when I had came back from my surgery, just being on the same field that it happened. I was like, we're here." He emphasised the rarity of returning to the Super Bowl so quickly, stating "some people played for however many years and don't even touch one and just to be back already, it's crazy."

Representing France

As the first French player to win a Super Bowl, Niang relished the chance to represent France again. "I got the French flag on my helmet again this year. I'm hoping we can go ahead and get another one," he remarked. Niang welcomed the NFL's expansion abroad and hoped to someday play in France. “I was just talking to my dad about it the other day, how cool to be to have a game in France and stuff and have my family out there. So I definitely hope that could happen soon."

Facing the 49ers' Defence

Previewing the 49ers defence, Niang acknowledged "that's a great team ahead of us." He emphasised the importance of playing mistake-free, sound football to compete against their talent. Specifically on facing top pass rushers Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead, Niang said "It's gonna be an awesome game. Always love a good challenge." He highlighted his eagerness to compete against the best, saying "Always brings the best out of you.”
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Richard Graves
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