Jawaan Taylor is blocking his way to the Super Bowl

Chiefs offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor has a big task ahead of him in Super Bowl LVIII versus the 49ers.

Jawaan Taylor is blocking his way to the Super Bowl
Wade McElwain

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Last updated: 2024-02-08

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to Super Bowl LVIII to take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday. A key player that has helped the Chiefs reach the big game is offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor, who signed a 4 year, NFL contract in 2023 with the Chiefs after several seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Richard Graves had the chance to sit with Taylor for an exclusive interview to discuss his journey to the Super Bowl, and what this one means to him. 

Overcoming Adversity to Reach the Super Bowl

Reaching the Super Bowl is the pinnacle achievement for any NFL player. For Taylor and the Chiefs, it has been a long road filled with "highs and lows." However, Taylor credits the team's "resiliency" in overcoming adversity to reach this point:

"It'll mean a lot, man. It'll mean the world man. It's been a, a long year and…we’ve been in us, been down, it is been downs…highs and lows. So we just show resiliency and we're able to get to this point."

Improving as a Team Throughout the Season

In addition to overcoming adversity, the Chiefs have also shown improvement as the season has progressed. The offense in particular has “gotten better and stronger" during the postseason according to Taylor:

"Absolutely. I feel like we just, you know, started dialing-up very great weeks of practice and being consistent with that...and being able to go out there and just find ways to get, get wins." 

Blocking for Patrick Mahomes

A huge factor in the Chiefs' success has been the play of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. As an offensive lineman, Taylor is tasked with blocking for Mahomes. He describes it as an "amazing" experience but also a "tall task":

"It's amazing, man. Play with somebody like that… he is very tall task playing for somebody like that. But it, it is so fun, man. You never know where he's at on the field. Sometimes you just go ‘nah’ keep holding your block as long as you can."

Facing the 49ers' Defence

To win the Super Bowl, the Chiefs will need to get past the formidable 49ers defense, one of the best in the NFL this season. Taylor acknowledges they have "great" players at all three levels:

"Very great defense man. They're very great up front, very great in the in the secondary…they have very, very great linebackers." Taylor is aware he will need to be on the top of his game on Sunday to keep Mahomes safe. 

Matching Up Against Nick Bosa

One particular challenge will be facing 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa. Taylor praises Bosa as "one of the best in the business," citing his leverage, hands, and physicality.

But Taylor is embracing the challenge against the 49ers' vaunted defense: "I just can't wait to go against them."

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Reaching the Pinnacle

For Taylor and the Chiefs, the opportunity to hold up the Lombardi Trophy and cement themselves as Super Bowl champions would be the realization of a lifelong dream:

"It'll be, it'll mean the world to me, man. I've been dreaming about this moment since I've been a little kid. And being here and be on this stage have this opportunity. It'll mean the world."

Sunday will determine if Taylor and the Chiefs can complete their journey and reach the pinnacle achievement in the NFL. But win or lose, the resiliency they have shown to reach Super Bowl LVIII is a testament to this team's spirit.
The Kansas City Chiefs face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Feb 11th in Las Vegas. 

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