Super Bowl 58 Review

The Kansas City Chiefs win their second straight Super Bowl, as the 49ers look back for answers.

Super Bowl 58 Review
Wade McElwain

Written by: Wade McElwain

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Last updated: 2024-02-15

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Another Super Bowl is done and dusted, as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in an overtime Las Vegas thriller. 
Patrick Mahomes took home the MVP title of game, the third of his career as the Chiefs claimed their second straight Super Bowl.

For Chiefs fans and Taylor Swift, it was a magical night the cemented their era as part of a great NFL dynasty. For the 49ers, it represented another disappointing loss after a regular season of such dominance.

Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad of Super Bowl VIII.


Patrick Mahomes
Once again Patrick Mahomes showed that sensational magic that separates him from most NFL players. His ability to survey the defence, scramble, and use his legs to find the first down is nothing short of phenomenal. Mahomes isn’t Tom Brady GOAT just yet, but if the Chiefs continue to roll, they will be.

Andy Reid
Coach Reid made it 26 post season wins with Super Bowl 58, and is now the second best coach of the 21st century. Andy made no signs of retiring in his post game speech, giving Kansas City fans fuel for their fire in the 2024 season.

Chiefs Defence
Coach Spags does it again, as he was able to model this group of players into a post season machine. Mahomes was great, but the Chiefs would be no where near the playoffs if it weren’t for Chris Jones and company shutting down oppositions. Jones stopped three touchdowns in the game, and should have been considered for MVP if not for the OT heroics.


Field goals kept the game alive in the first half, as Butker and Moody were able to take advantage of the minimal field position gained by stingy defences. Of course Moody having his extra point blocked was the reason that the game went to overtime. Once again, Chiefs D.

Super Bowl 58 Kelce.jpg


Kyle Shanahan
It’s one thing to lose your second Super Bowl that went to overtime, it’s another not to know the rules of overtime. The big game bug came back to bite Shanahan as he will have some explaining to do after limping out with such a powerhouse team.

No one likes to see anyone get hurt in the big game, especially when nobody even hit them. As 49ers star Dre Greenlaw was running onto the field of play, he suddenly stopped and dropped as it looked like his Achilles might have ruptured. San Fran struggled enough with a soggy practice field, but that injury was too hard to watch.

Halftime Show
Shirtless Usher on roller-skates, busting out 20 year old karaoke hits might seem like a fun treat, but not when you have billion dollar singer Taylor Swift just sitting there. Many enjoyed the spectacle, but it lacked the pomp and oomph of Prince, Tom Petty or Paul McCartney, and felt more like something from Family Guy.

The Kansas City Chiefs have an off-season to celebrate and dine out on their win, while the San Francisco 49ers will once again have to figure out a way to beat the Chiefs. 
NFL fans only have seven more months until the next season, but don’t hibernate just yet, the NFL Draft is in late April in Detroit. 

Wade McElwain

Wade McElwain

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