Top 15 Places to Watch the NFL

Where are the top places in the world to catch the NFL? We have the best you'll need to get the most out of your Sunday Funday.

Top 15 Places to Watch the NFL
Wade McElwain

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Last updated: 2023-11-28

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When it comes to catching the excitement of NFL games, the atmosphere of a lively sports bar can elevate the experience to a whole new level. Across the world, several bars stand out not just for their screens and sound systems, but for their passionate crowds, diverse menus, and electric atmospheres. 
So what are the Top 15 Places to Watch the NFL?

Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply love the thrill of game day, these top bars offer an unforgettable NFL viewing experience.

NFL fans might cry foul at our list, but just like the coin toss, it’s your heads or tails choice whether or not you want to agree with us.

1. Flanker Kitchen and Sports Bar-Las Vegas, NV

What happens in Vegas when you find the best sports bar with amazing food?  It still stays in Vegas.  Topping our list is this new steak house slash amazing NFL venue in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino which opened mid 2023. Flanker Kitchens is an iconic steak house, and pairing this crazy venue with loads of TVs and a view of the Vegas strip, and you've got our number 1. Oh did we mention the 30 foot wall of TV's as well, as Madden sundaes, and a karaoke room? 
Flanker Kitchen.jpg

2. Mustang Harry’s-New York, NY

This Big Apple institution is just down the street from Madison Square Gardens, and has been an Irish drinking hole for decades. With over two stories of TV’s, not to mention a unique mid-town feel, this 7th Avenue bar is a great place to check out next time you’re in Manhattan.

Mustang Hernys.jpg

3-Caesar’s Sports Book-Las Vegas, NV

Hail Caesar, as this massive sports bar is part of Caesar’s Palace Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. After going ‘all-in’ on sports betting, Caesar’s made sure that their premier location would be as stunning as the colosseum itself!

4-Real Sports-Toronto, CA

Coming in at fourth on the list, is an offering from North America’s third largest city.  Real Sports in Toronto is a Canadian monstrosity of a sports bar, with too many TVs to look at, and closely located near the stadiums and arena of this Ontario city.  They also have massive Caesar’s eh?

Real Sports TO.jpg

5. Busby’s Sports Bar-Santa Monica, CA

Often touted as the ‘best sports bar in California’, this hip and beauty bar has lovely food and loads of gorgeous things to look at .
The also have pool, darts, bingo, and dancing to make Busby’s a truly innovative sports bar.
Busbys Front shot.jpg.webp

6. Beer Park-Las Vegas, NV

Vegas keeps winning on this list, as we can’t forget to include the massive Beer Park at the Paris Hotel. Just look for the Montgolfier balloon, then look up again for the massive rooftop patio of Beer Park. Watch the games, play some games, or just stare at people walking down below on the Strip.

7. Katy Trail Ice House-Dallas, TX

If everything is bigger in Texas, then you need to get yourself to the big-ass Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas, Texas. Set up like an ‘Austin Style Beer Garden’, the Katy is an open air delight sports bar, with fresh BBQ, games, and of course plenty of NFL action.

8. Stats Brewpub-Atlanta, GA

Nerd alert, it’s time to get contemporary with a visit to the delightful Stats Brewpub, widely seen as the best sports bar in Atlanta. A short walk to Mercedes Benz Stadium, this 16,000 square foot joint not only boasts its own brewmaster, but also beer taps at your tables.

9. MVP Resto-Bar Sportif-Montreal, QB

Right in the heart of downtown Montreal is the truly epic and iconic ‘Bar Sportif.’
While Montreal might be known more for hockey than football, this place still gets packed on NFL nights, as Boston is only a shortish drive away.
Bar sportif.jpg

10. Harlem Tavern-New York,NY

Not too far from Central Park is the 116th street institution of the Harlem Tavern.  Boasting a long legacy as a truly New York neighbourhood bar, the Harlem Tavern takes NFL gameday to the next level with its elevated menu including cedar planked salmon, truffle burgers, and their own take on Mac & Cheese.
Harlem Tavern.png

11. Yard House-Austin, TX

Another big Texas sports bar with an even bigger reputation is the Yard House, which claims to have the ‘World’s Largest Selection of Draft Beer.'
This multi-story location brings with it a mouth-watering menu, great tunes, NFL sundays, and a big waiting list, so make sure you book ahead.
Yard House.jpg

12. Sullivan’s Tap-Boston, MA

You won’t get anything fancy at this true Boston dive bar, nor will you be able to get food either. What you will get is a truly authentic Boston sports bar experience, with the spit and sawdust glory of old. You will also probably get hilariously cursed out by a local, which is worth the price of admission. (free)

13. Thomas Magee’s-Detroit, MI

Technically it’s called ‘Thomas Magee’s Sporting House Whiskey Bar’ to give you a more apt description of this Michigan landmark. Touting itself as the ‘Best Sports & Whiskey Bar in Detroit’, this is a great local place to visit to cheer on the Lions.
Thomas Magees.jpg

14. Joe Kool’s-London, ON

The university town of London, Ontario has a cool restaurant secret that has been in your face for decades. Joe Kool’s hilariously celebrates their ‘bad service’, and even has a coffin of Elvis hanging from the ceiling.  Despite being Canadian, this bar is all out for NFL Sunday’s, as their legendary bartender Ross holds court for the NFL, dishing out picks, wisdom and Bloody Caesar’s.

15. Killroy’s on Kirkwood-Bloomington, IL

Can’t get any more Illinois massive than this university bar that throws some wicked NFL parties. With drink prices bordering on water, Killroy’s is the kind of place where everyone goes ‘all out.’ You will definitely have an NFL hangover after a Sunday at Killroy’s.
Kilroys 2.jpg

So that’s it for our Best Places to Watch the NFL in for this season.  We’re always on the look out for great places to catch the games, as well as to share with fans around the world as they seek out their best Sunday Fundays.

Reach out to us if you would like us to consider your bar for the best place to watch the NFL next season!

Wade McElwain

Wade McElwain

Wade McElwain is our Mr. NFL, a bona fide North American sports nut who knows about NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA plus MMA boxing and more. Originally from Canada, Wade is also an international award-winning stand-up comedian; host of numerous TV game shows; and a TV producer & writer. He also runs NFL in London-the largest NFL fan group in Europe, and has hosted NFL events at Wembley and around the world. Yes, he lives alone and does nothing but watch sports.

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