The Comeback: Sprinter Leon Greenwood's Journey to Bobsleigh Glory

British athlete Leon Greenwood has made the transition from sprinting to bobsleigh, and his journey has just begun.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-02-21

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After a devastating ankle injury ended Leon Greenwood's sprinting career, the former track star wondered if he would ever compete at an elite level again. But with grit and determination, Leon rebuilt his athletic prowess and set his sights on bobsleigh. Now he's pushing for podium finishes at the upcoming World Championships.  Leon chatted with SportsBoom’s Wade McElwain about his career transition, training and much more in an exclusive interview ahead of the 2024 World Bobsleigh Championships in Winterberg, Germany. 

Overcoming Injury Through Sheer Willpower

"I had the operation, went through two years of rehabilitation, which took some time. Motivation was dipping quite a lot, but when you're in these situations, you have to just keep disciplined and just show up," Leon said, recalling the gruelling road to recovery after ankle surgery. Despite doubting if he would ever fully heal, Leon persisted through pain and monotony. "It’s all about the mentality towards anything that you do in your life," he explained.

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It’s all about the mentality towards anything that you do in your life

On overcoming a career ending injury

Finding a New Path in Bobsleigh

Intrigued by the combination of sprinting power and team coordination, Leon saw bobsleigh as the perfect outlet to reignite his competitive drive. "I like the mixture between the independent individual training in the summer, and then you've got the team aspect coming into the winter," he said. Though initially nerve-wracking, careening down icy tracks at speeds topping 90 mph soon had Leon hooked on the adrenaline rush. Now he's honed his skills as a number two man, ready to battle for medals.

Gunning for Glory at World Championships

With the World Championships in Germany kicking off in early March 2024, Leon and his team are hitting their stride after months of intense preparation. “A top three is what we’re hoping for really. If we can execute it and the team are healthy and sensible with training, we’ll be fine," Leon stated, brimming with quiet confidence. Though the Germans dominate bobsleigh with superior funding and facilities, Leon believes his squad has the athletic prowess to break through if they can optimize their new sled and deliver flawless runs.

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Life Changes on the Horizon

On top of chasing championship dreams, Leon has big personal news as well - he's about to become a father. “I’ve got a pregnant girlfriend, so I'm looking forward to going home," Leon revealed. After the World Championships wrap up, he'll head back to the UK to prepare for this momentous new chapter. With so much happening athletically and personally, it's an exciting time for this bobsleigh breakout star.

As Leon Greenwood gears up for the World Championships, his journey from sprinting to bobsleigh exemplifies resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. With unwavering commitment and a supportive team, he stands ready to take on the challenges and carve his path to success in British Bobsleigh in 2024, fatherhood, and beyond. 


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