2024 Players Championship: John Higgins’ Pukka Pies Heartbreak and Telford Triumphs

In a thrilling encounter at the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Players Championship, Scottish veteran John Higgins showcased a brilliant performance, securing a 6-4 victory over his long-time rival, Ding Junhui. Reflecting on his win with in an exclusive post-match interview, Higgins expressed his satisfaction, particularly noting his historic struggles against Ding Junhui in past encounters.

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Last Updated: 2024-02-20

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John Higgins about to take a shot

Higgins Overcomes Arch Rival

In a momentous clash at the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Players Championship, snooker aficionados witnessed a riveting display of skill and sportsmanship as John Higgins emerged victorious over his long-time adversary, Ding Junhui. Reflecting on his hard-fought win in an exclusive post-match interview with, Higgins humbly acknowledged the significance of overcoming his historic struggles against the formidable Chinese player, underscoring the mutual respect shared between them.


"Brilliant performance from me because I've always struggled against Ding. He always had my number, but the last few times we faced I’ve managed to beat him. I rate him so highly, he’s just a fabulous player, so it’s great to him," Higgins remarked, encapsulating the essence of their competitive yet respectful rivalry.

Rising from Setbacks

Despite his recent triumph over Ding Junhui, John Higgins remains acutely aware of the challenges that have plagued his path to victory throughout the year. Having reached five ranked semi-finals, Higgins has consistently demonstrated his prowess on the snooker circuit. However, the elusive final victory has remained just out of reach, casting a shadow of frustration over his otherwise stellar performances.


"It’s getting better in comparison to the start of the year. There were a few things going wrong for me, but I’ve been fighting with my technique. I seem to be on top of that now, so I’m feeling much better and think I’ve got a good chance to progress onto a final now," Higgins stated optimistically, shedding light on his determined efforts to overcome the technical hurdles that have hindered his progress.


Albeit falling short in previous semi-final encounters, Higgins remains undeterred in his pursuit of redemption. Buoyed by his recent victory and newfound confidence in his game, he sets his sights on breaking through the barriers that have thus far denied him the ultimate prize. With each match serving as a stepping stone towards his goal, Higgins approaches the tournament with a renewed sense of determination and resolve, eager to seize the opportunity that lies ahead.



Telford Tales and Pukka Pies Heartbreak

For John Higgins, the recent victory at the Players Championship in Telford evoked a flood of memories, both triumphant and bittersweet. As the venue hosted professional snooker once again, it served as a poignant reminder of Higgins' past glories, notably his crowning achievement at the UK Championships in 2010, where he clinched victory against Mark Williams in a thrilling final.


"I’ve had some great times in Telford, obviously won the UK Championships back in 2010," Higgins reminisced, reflecting on his triumph on familiar turf. However, amidst the fond recollections lies a tale of comedic misfortune that has become legendary in snooker circles, the infamous "Pukka Pie Prize" incident of 2009.


In a match against Ding Junhui during the 2009 UK Championships final, Higgins found himself on the brink of victory, only to be thwarted by the tantalising allure of the coveted Pukka Pies prize, a whimsical sponsorship that added an unexpected twist to the proceedings. As the tension mounted and the stakes soared, Higgins faltered at a crucial juncture, narrowly missing out on both the title and the delectable pie bounty.


"But it’s the 2009 final against Ding that really hurts. I missed out on the Pukka Pies prize. I’m still devastated," Higgins confessed, injecting a touch of humour into the tale of his near miss. It was Junhui who ultimately clinched the 2009 title, securing not only victory but also the unusual prize of his body weight in Pukka Pies, courtesy of the tournament's sponsorship by the renowned pie brand. However, demonstrating his generosity off the table as well, the Chinese legend chose to donate all the pies to local food banks and charitable organisations.


Despite the passage of time, the memory of the fateful match continues to elicit both laughter and lamentation, a testament to the unpredictable nature of professional sports and the enduring spirit of resilience that defines Higgins' career.

Snooker Returns to the Middle East

Looking ahead, Higgins expressed his excitement about the expansion of snooker tournaments into new territories, particularly Saudi Arabia. He reminisced about his early days as a professional player, playing in the Middle East, and expressed hope that the upcoming events in Saudi Arabia would provide a similar experience.


"It's great because we used to play out in the Middle East, many years ago when I first turned pro in 1992, but it’s been a long break since I’ve been over there. I used to love playing in Bahrain, so hopefully this will be a similar experience," Higgins shared.


He further emphasised the potential for growth and success in Saudi Arabia, citing the positive trajectory of other sports in the region. "All the other top sports seem to be breaking into Saudi Arabia and succeeding, so why not us. It’s a great announcement, and it makes it even more exciting with the 10-year-deal and the prize money going up and up. It’s great for all the tour," Higgins concluded, expressing his enthusiasm for the future of snooker.


With his victory over Ding Junhui and renewed confidence in his game, Higgins continues to assert his dominance on the snooker circuit, setting his sights on further triumphs in the Players Championship and beyond.


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