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2024 World Grand Prix: Mark Allen Goes Century Mad Against Jack Lisowski

In a scintillating first-round clash at the Spreadex World Grand Prix, Northern Irish snooker maestro Mark Allen showcased his brilliance, securing a 4-2 victory over Jack Lisowski. Allen's electrifying play, including three century breaks, highlighted his precision and finesse on the baize. As the cue sensation advances to face Zhang Anda in the next round, the stage is set for a compelling showdown between two accomplished players, each vying for supremacy in this prestigious tournament.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-17

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Electrifying Opener

In a high octane first-round encounter at the 2024 Spreadex World Grand Prix, Northern Irishman Mark Allen showcased his exceptional snooker prowess, securing a 4-2 victory over his opponent, Jack Lisowski.


Right from the opening frames, Allen set the tone with an electrifying display, notching up century breaks of 103 and 110. The crowd was treated to a masterclass as the cue maestro demonstrated precision and finesse on the baize.

Lisowski’s Resilient Response

Not one to be outdone, Lisowski responded swiftly, showcasing his own skills with a points tally of 102, which included an impressive 93 break. The match quickly levelled as Lisowski steadied himself, contributing a solid 75 break to make it 2-2.


However, Allen wasn't ready to relinquish control, and in a display of sheer brilliance, he secured his third frame with yet another century break, this time an impressive 108. The relentless pursuit of perfection by Allen left Lisowski trailing and struggling to regain momentum.



Victory in Sight

As the tension mounted in the later stages of the match, Allen clinched victory in remarkable fashion. Despite narrowly missing out on what could have been his fourth century of the game, Allen's break ended at 82 as he missed a crucial black. Nonetheless, it proved to be inconsequential as Allen sealed the match with a 4-2 score line, advancing to the next stage of the tournament.

Mighty Mouse, Zhang Anda Awaits

In the upcoming round of the World Grand Prix, Mark Allen is set to face the formidable Zhang Anda, a Chinese cueist known for his tactical acumen and precision on the snooker table, in what promises to be an intense battle between two accomplished players vying for a coveted spot in the later stages of the competition.


Mark Allen, the defending World Grand Prix champion, demonstrated exceptional proficiency on the snooker table in this latest clash, not only showcasing his commanding skills but also revealing a remarkable ability to navigate challenging situations and emerge victorious. Enthusiastic snooker fans were treated to a captivating spectacle as Allen's skillful play and strategic brilliance shone through in a hard-fought battle against Jack Lisowski. As the tournament advances, expectations run high among Mark Allen's fans, eagerly anticipating more stellar performances from the Northern Irish cueist.


Image credit: World Snooker Tour (WST)

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