Shina Oludare

Shina Oludare

Sports Writer

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Favourite Club

Sunshine Stars

Favourite Football Ground

Akure Stadium

Favourite Football Player

Franklin Sasere

Favourite Dish

Eba with vegetable soup

Shina Oludare is a notable Nigerian sports journalist and writer recognized for his extensive coverage of African sports. He has made significant contributions to the field through his work with reputable media outlets such as and Soccernet. Known for his insightful analysis and comprehensive reporting, Oludare covers a wide range of topics within African football, including domestic leagues, national teams, and emerging talents. His work includes detailed player profiles, match previews and reviews, and transfer news, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of the sport on the continent.

Shina Oludare

Throughout his career, Oludare has received multiple awards for his exceptional journalism and contributions to sports reporting. A graduate of the LaLiga Business School in Madrid, he continues to promote African sports globally and highlight the achievements of Africans sports stars both at home and abroad. His dedication and passion for African sports have established him as a respected figure in sports journalism. He remains committed to delivering unparalleled coverage of the sport, contributing to its growth and recognition on the global stage.