Innovative Partnership: Betcorrect Makes a Bold Move, Signing "Nasboi" as Company’s Brand Ambassador

Discover how BetCorrect is revolutionizing the Nigerian betting industry by partnering with popular YouTuber Nasiru Lawal, aka Nasboi, as their brand ambassador.

Jeremiah Omoniyi
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Last Updated: 2024-05-31

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nasboi and betcorrect CEO

In a bold move, Nigerian betting company BetCorrect has signed popular YouTuber Nasiru Lawal, aka Nasboi, as its official brand ambassador.

Breaking away from the norm of signing ex-footballers or sports personalities, BetCorrect is betting big on the charismatic influencer to bring a fresh wave of excitement and engagement to its customers.

BetCorrect is making a strategic play to stand out in a crowded market with this move. By partnering with Nasboi.

This brings a fresh perspective and energy to the world of sports betting in Nigeria.

The partnership is a win-win for both parties. Nasboi gains a platform to showcase his creativity and reach a wider audience, while BetCorrect gets to tap into his massive following and inject some much-needed excitement into the sports betting scene.

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I'm all about entertainment, and I believe sports should never be boring. As an Arsenal fan, I know how crazy Nigerians are about football, and I'm excited to bring my energy and passion to the table.


Customers satisfaction

CEO Adriano Amadei said the decision to sign Nasboi was about “innovation and customer satisfaction.”

"We wanted someone who embodies the spirit of entertainment and excitement, and Nasboi fits the bill perfectly," he said in an exclusive interview with

“He embodies the spirit of entertainment and excitement that we aim to bring to our customers every day. We are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to the incredible journey ahead as we work together to elevate the BetCorrect experience.”

He further added that Nasboi shares a similar sentiment with the company's goal and objectives, which are to bring happiness to its subscribers.

“He has brought joy and laughter to millions through his comedy and has captivated us with his musical talent. His dedication to his work and his ability to connect with people aligns perfectly with our values at BetCorrect.”

Nasboi, who's gained a massive following for his hilarious skits and catchy tunes, was thrilled to join forces with BetCorrect.

Image Credit: Jeremiah Omoniyi

Image Credit: Jeremiah Omoniyi


Meanwhile, Adriano Amadei highlighted that having a footballer or sportsperson doesn't guarantee engagement.

"We're all about innovation and entertainment, and Nasboi brings that in spades."

“And yes, footballers, people follow them but how engaging they are, how much they entertain, for us, it's about innovation and entertainment, engaging with the customers, bringing that level of excitement and we know that's what Nasboi brings.” 

Image Credits: Jeremiah Omoniyi

Image Credits: Jeremiah Omoniyi

An investment into the future 

He also praised Nasboi's trajectory, saying, "We've been watching him, and everything he does is amazing. He's going to be the next Nigerian superstar, without a doubt."

As Adriano Amadei said, "We believe in Nasboi 100%, and we're excited to build a fantastic working relationship that will only get bigger and better together.”

How the deal came through 

Nasboi shared how he got signed with BetCorrect, crediting his friend Oyinbo Rebel, a skit maker, for introducing him to the brand. Being impressed by the company's vision and enthusiasm, he signed the deal for the first time with a betting brand.

“I think I will take you through the genuine process of how I got signed. I have never been signed to a betting company before. It's my first time been signed under a betting company. My friend, a white guy, his name is Oyinbo Rebel, he's a skit maker, he spoke to me about this brand and asked if I would be willing to work with them, so Idris and I spoke about it and we became friends. He carried me through the whole brand, and I was willing to work with them. That's it.”

As it stands, the company is in for a long drive of massive innovation within the betting market in Nigeria.

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