Understanding the Role of Syndicates in Sports Wagering

Joining a sports wagering syndicate can save you time and increase your profits long-term. Learn how to find the right betting syndicates, pool resources for bigger returns, and understand the pros and cons of syndicate betting.

Jon Young
Jon Young

Last Updated: 2024-07-05

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Joining a sports wagering syndicate can save you time and make your more profit long-term. Join an organized group of seasoned sports gamblers and share tips and expertise to boost your bankroll. However, it’s important to find the right betting syndicates to avoid disappointment down the line. 

What is a Sports Betting Syndicate?

A sports betting syndicate is a collective of gamblers and enthusiasts who pool resources to make bigger returns. You can start a syndicate with friends or a few like-minded sports gamblers. However, larger online betting syndicates exist that offer the most in-depth analysis and hunt out value and arbitrage opportunities. 

A sports betting syndicate is a little like a lottery collective: you pool monies to make bigger bets, then share the profits if the bets come in. Plus, you can also pool stats, analysis, bonus offers, and other perks. 

In addition, the best betting syndicates have in-depth knowledge of teams and players, oftentimes behind the scenes. They are a good way of tapping into professional gamblers’ unique insight with only a small fee going the other way.  

Pros & Cons of a Sports Betting Syndicate

Here are some benefits and drawbacks to joining a sports betting syndicate. 


•    Pooled resources for more financial muscle
•    Avoid betting limits with multiple users 
•    Better analysis from multiple experts
•    Save time hunting for value at online bookies
•    Perfect for gamblers with a long-term outlook


•    Joining fees & other costs may apply
•    Less choice with your own bets
•    Can become expensive for casual gamblers

Setting Up & Joining a Betting Syndicate

The hardest part of using a betting syndicate is knowing which one to join. That alone takes some research. It’s important to do your homework before entrusting your bankroll with anyone. 

Bear in mind that there are two types of service out there: syndicates and tipping services. Renowned tipping services like Starlizard use analytics to pinpoint the best sports wagers and where to bet them. They even use a bespoke betting platform that does the legwork for you. 

Where to Find the Best Betting Syndicates

It’s important to do your research before joining a syndicate. You may be required to make pre- and post-game analysis for the benefit of the group. That’s particularly true if you specialize in an area not covered by someone else. However, for smaller syndicates, a simple cash investment each week is enough. 

Start by looking on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit for syndicate chat groups. Here are some of the best to follow:

•    Performance Betting @Performance_Bet (Horse race betting)
•    Colossus Bets @Colossus_Bets (Sports betting, horse race betting)
•    Syndicate Sports @Syndicate_SCM (US sports)

Costs & Fees

The biggest syndicates require huge bankrolls to place bets. Plus, you’ll be asked to contribute your own analysis before and after games. The idea is to invest enough to see a return of 6%+ on your contribution. 

Forming Your Own Syndicate

It’s easy to form a syndicate, but maintaining a successful one is another matter. Here are some things to consider before you set out: 

•    Publish your recent results (spreadsheets, accounts, etc)
•    Attract gamblers with expertise in different sports
•    Ensure everyone is of legal age and holds multiple accounts
•    Draw up contracts to protect syndicate members financially

Start by ensuring your own betting records are up to date. You won’t attract many punters if you can’t prove you know what you’re doing. 

Next, bring in gamblers who can cover one sport in-depth. For example, you may have a dozen gamblers covering NFL, with each one an expert on a different area like rushing yards, props, or home advantage. You will be sharing profits across multiple sports as part of the syndicate rules.
Everyone in your syndicate should be able to access online sportsbooks and open accounts. That way, everyone can place bets simultaneously and bypass max. deposit limits. 

Remember, syndicate betting is more about sharing information than pooling cash. Ultimately, you will be going out and making more informed bets, then reaping the rewards if one or more bets come in. 

Final Thoughts

Syndicate betting is a great way to make more analytical betting decisions and share the burden at the same time. You can effectively win money by betting on dozens of games at the same time, possibly on sports you don’t personally understand. 
A syndicate is a good option provided it is legit and has members who can be trusted to share profits. However, the long-term financial commitments may not be for you: do your research first and never share funds with syndicates you don’t trust. 

Jon Young
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