Most Expensive Player in PSL History

Know the names that feature on the list of the most expensive players in PSL history and how much they earn. Also, know the PSL auction process.

Subhayan Dutta
Subhayan Dutta

Last Updated: 2024-01-05

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No single cricketer is the most expensive player in PSL history as the Pakistan Super League (PSL) operates on drafting players and not on auction, like IPL. While the Indian Premier League sees players going for huge prices in a grand auction event between franchises, PSL players are divided into six categories based on which their salaries are decided.

The PSL draft picks are divided into Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Supplementary and Emerging categories. Needless to say, the most elite of players feature in the Platinum category and get paid the highest.

Below, we list the 18 players in the platinum category for PSL 2024, the tournament’s ninth edition as per Sports Unfold. Each player in the Platinum category could receive up to a whopping USD 170,000 and each franchise can retain only three Platinum category players.

PSL Player Salaries (Highest)

Full list (2024)

Serial NoPlayer NameTeamSalary (USD)Salary (INR)
1Babar AzamKarachi Kings$170,0001.4 Cr
2Imad WasimKarachi Kings$170,0001.4 Cr
3Chris JordanKarachi Kings$170,0001.4 Cr
4Hasan AliIslamabad United$170,0001.4 Cr
5Asif AliIslamabad United$170,0001.4 Cr
6Colin MunroIslamabad United$170,0001.4 Cr
7Shaheen Shah AfridiLahore Qalandars$170,0001.4 Cr
8Rashid KhanLahore Qalandars$170,0001.4 Cr
9Fakhar ZamanLahore Qalandars$170,0001.4 Cr
10Sarfraz AhmedQuetta Gladiators$170,0001.4 Cr
11James VinceQuetta Gladiators$170,0001.4 Cr
12Jason RoyQuetta Gladiators$170,0001.4 Cr
13Wahab RiazPeshawar Zalmi$170,0001.4 Cr
14Liam LivingstonePeshawar Zalmi$170,0001.4 Cr
15Hazar Ullah ZazaiPeshawar Zalmi$170,0001.4 Cr
16Muhammad RizwanMultan Sultan$170,0001.4 Cr
17Rille RossouwMultan Sultan$170,0001.4 Cr
18Tim DavidMultan Sultan$170,0001.4 Cr
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Former Pakistan skipper and PSL’s biggest star Babar Azam is undoubtedly the highest-paid player in PSL along with other T20 stars like Rashid Khan, Colin Munro, Chris Jordan and more.

Liam Livingstone Peshwar Zalmi PSL.jpeg

While the Diamond category players could receive up to $85,000, the Gold category names can earn up to $50,000. The upper limit of the Supplementary Category is the same as Gold, but it further goes down to $25,000 in the Silver Category. The lowest upper limit amongst PSL categories is $7500, which belongs to the Emerging Category for the upcoming talents.

PSL Total Budget

One might wonder why PSL’s highest-paid players earn so much less than IPL’s 2024 auction stars Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc. The answer to that is the PSL’s total budget. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) received sponsorship worth PKR 391.7 crore (US$22.2 million) for the 2022–2025 season.

Lahore Qalanaders Victory PSL 2023.jpeg

During the PSL 2023 season, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) made PKR 5.62 billion ($1,98,34,127.04) in revenue as the league has now expanded to six franchises. In 2022, every team's maximum purse amount was $1.2 million.

PSL Players Price List 2023: Each Category

Platinum Category

PSL Players Price List 2023

Serial NoPlayerTeamSalary (USD)Salary (PKR)
1Alex HalesIslamabad United170,00040,800,000
2Shadab KhanIslamabad United170,00040,800,000
3Babar AzamPeshawar Zalmi170,00036,000,000
4Fakhar ZamanLahore Qalandars170,00031,200,000
5Imran TahirKarachi Kings170,00040,800,000
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Diamond Category

PSL Players Price List 2023

Serial No.PlayerTeamSalary (USD)Salary (PKR)
1Asif AliIslamabad United85,00020,400,000
2Muhammad Wasim JnrIslamabad United85,00020,400,000
3James VinceKarachi Kings85,00020,400,000
4James FullerKarachi Kings85,00020,400,000
5David WieseLahore Qalandars85,00020,400,000
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Gold Category

PSL Players Price List 2023

Serial NoPlayerTeamSalary (USD)Salary (PKR)
1Ahsan AliQuetta Gladiators50,00012,000,000
2Sarfaraz AhmadQuetta Gladiators50,00012,000,000
3Muhammad HasnainQuetta Gladiators50,00012,000,000
4Muhammad HarisPeshawar Zalmi50,00012,000,000
5Tim DavidMultan Sultans50,00012,000,000
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Supplementary Category

PSL Players Price List 2023

Serial No.PlayerTeamSalary (USD)
1Moeen AliIslamabad United50,000
2Mubasir KhanIslamabad United50,000
3Tabraiz ShamsiKarachi Kings50,000
4Muhammad UmarKarachi Kings50,000
5Jordan CoxLahore Qalandars50,000
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Silver Category

PSL Players Price List 2023

Serial No.PlayerTeamSalary (USD)
1Paul StirlingIslamabad United25,000
2Colin MunroIslamabad United25,000
3Sohaib MaqsoodIslamabad United25,000
4Rumman RaeesIslamabad United25,000
5Abrar AhmadIslamabad United25,000
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Emerging Category

PSL Players Price List 2023

Serial NoPlayerTeamSalary (USD)
1Hasan NawazIslamabad United7500$
2Zeeshan ZamirIslamabad United7500$
3Irfan Khan NiaziKarachi Kings7500$
4Qasim AkramKarachi Kings7500$
5Zaman KhanLahore Qalandars7500$
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Who is the highest-paid player in the PSL?

The largest salary goes to players in the platinum category. Babar Azam, Alex Hales, Shadab Khan, Imran Tahir, and Fakhar Zaman are the PSL 2023 players who are the highest-paid players. They will each receive $170,000 in compensation.

What is the price of PSL’s expensive players?

There is a cap on the amount that the best players in the PSL may make because they are chosen through a draft. With a basic fee of $130,000, participants can earn up to $170,000 in the Platinum category, which is the highest tier.

What is the prize money for PSL in rupees?

The total prize money of the Pakistan Super League in Indian rupees is INR 3.67 crores.

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