How To Throw Darts Like A Pro

If you're new to the realm of darts, the initial skill to grasp is the art of throwing a dart. Despite the seemingly effortless throws by top professionals on television, there are essential fundamentals to consider for a proper dart throw. This guide aims to establish the groundwork for dart throwing, offering comprehensive information to equip you for practice and skill development.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

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Mastering the Art of Dart Throwing

Darts is a game of precision, skill, and finesse. To become a proficient dart thrower, it's crucial to master the basics of grip, stance, and throwing techniques. This article will guide you through the essentials and offer tips on discovering your unique style to elevate your dart-playing experience.

Basics of the Grip

The foundation of a successful dart throw lies in the grip. Follow these guidelines to develop a solid and effective grip:


  • Aim and Direct: Keep the end of the dart pointing up in each throwing stage to maintain accuracy.

  • Solid and Relaxed: Avoid excessive tension in your grip; it should be stable, firm, and not strain your finger muscles. Darts is about touch, not force.

  • Use at Least Three Fingers: Experiment with finger placement to find the right balance between regulation and control during the throw. Remember, finger coordination is key.

  • Shape of Dart Barrel: Adapt your grip to the barrel type. Longer barrels may require more fingers for control, while shorter barrels may need fewer. Discover the grip that complements your chosen dart.

  • Say No to a Fist: Keep un-used fingers comfortably spread apart from those in your grip. Avoid causing strain on muscles and ensure a smooth release.

Stance and Throw

Achieving the right stance and throw is essential for consistency and accuracy in darts. Consider the following tips:


  • "Right Foot Forward" Stance: Align your eye, the dart, and the target in a straight line. Maintain a two-dimensional arm movement plane to reduce errors.

  • Distribution of Your Weight: Shift your weight predominantly onto your forward foot, ensuring a firm and balanced posture. Regardless of the weight distribution, stability is key.

  • Leaning: Experiment with body lean to find your optimal distance from the board. Avoid excessive leaning, as it can lead to unbalanced throws and potential back strains.

  • Balance: Keep both feet on the ground during the throw. Lifting your leg is discouraged, as it may affect your balance and accuracy.

  • Torso: Maintain a still posture during the throw to enhance accuracy. Minimise unnecessary movements to achieve consistent results.

Discover Your Own Style

Darts is a personalised game, and finding your unique style is crucial for success. Follow these final tips to hone your skills:


  • Constant Practice: Darts is a skill that improves with practice. Regularly refine your grip, stance, and throw through consistent, dedicated practice.

  • Observe and Learn: Watch accomplished dart players and analyse their styles. Experiment with different techniques to understand the technical connections between grip, stance, and throw.

  • Develop Your Style: Don't merely imitate others. Combine the elements that feel most comfortable and effective for you to create your own distinctive throwing style.


Mastering the art of dart throwing requires a blend of precision, practice, and personalisation. By understanding and refining your grip, stance, and throwing technique, you can elevate your dart game and enjoy the thrill of hitting that bullseye with confidence. Embrace the journey of self-discovery in darts and let your unique style shine on the oche. 

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