The heir to John Part? Matt Campbell post-match interview

Following his thrilling second round victory against PDC veteran James Wade, Canadian pro Matt Campbell joined SportsBoom’s Louis Hobbs to talk all things Ally Pally and Canadian darts.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2023-12-20

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Dismantling the Machine

In a sensational display of darts prowess, Matt Campbell emerged victorious against seasoned player James Wade, securing a spot in the third round of the PDC World Championships at the Alexandra Palace. 


Campbell's exceptional performance left him at a loss for words, expressing, "Oh, it felt amazing. To be honest, I can't describe it." The Canadian darts talent recognised the magnitude of his achievement, acknowledging that facing a player of Wade's calibre made this win the biggest of his career.


Maintaining composure in the crucial moments, Campbell strategically assessed the score, revealing, "If James wasn't on 161 or less, I figured I've got a shot." Despite feeling he hadn't reached the same level as his previous game, Campbell's consistency prevailed, ensuring a repeat of the desired result.

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I’ve played him twice before and both times he’s pulled the typical James Wade performance against me. So, every shot I missed, I felt James would capitalise, but luckily, he would miss and fortunately, I’d take it up.

Campbell on the pressure of playing James Wade

Post-match animosity

Addressing the notable finish to the match, Campbell shrugged off any disappointment regarding the lack of a proper handshake from Wade, understanding the intensity of the competition and the emotions involved.

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I wouldn't be happy either. So why would you just shake hands and be on your way. I guarantee if I see him now, he may come down. It'd be like nothing happened. But in that moment, we worked hard all year for this, so yeah, I don't blame him for being disappointed.

Campbell on Wade not shaking his hand after the match

The World Championships off to Canada?

As he advances to the last 32, Campbell acknowledged his role as a stepping stone for Canadian darts, following in the footsteps of players like Jeff Smith and John Part who have paved the way for the country's emerging talents.

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Honestly, there's so many talented players in Canada so whatever I do is not going to make a difference. Jeff Smith and John Part have already paved that way to make us strive to be better. So, I'm just the stepping stone to follow their footsteps.

Campbell on paving the way for Canadian darts

In an interesting turn of conversation, the topic shifted to the suggestion made by Gerwyn Price that the PDC World Championships should take place in different countries each year. When asked about this idea, Matt Campbell chimed in with a light-hearted response, stating: "Move it to Canada? For the rest of my life, I'm happy." 


Despite the humorous tone, Campbell acknowledged the practicality of the proposal, emphasising that the tournament's location didn't significantly impact him due to his consistent eight-hour flights across the globe from Toronto. 


“The Ally Pally crowd is what makes the World Championships. It’s the best atmosphere in the world, why would we change that", he replied. 


Back home in time for Christmas

Despite his upcoming third-round fixture scheduled from the 27th to the 29th of December, Matt Campbell shared his decision to fly home for Christmas, acknowledging that the long flight might pose a challenge, but he couldn’t bare spending Christmas away from his children. 

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I’ve been regularly travelling long distance for two years now. Flying back and forth, it’s what got me to the world championships twice before. I’ve just happened to do good this time round. I think family time is what I need more than anything else right now.

Campbell on long distance travelling to PDC events

Preparation for the third-round

In the twilight of his ground-breaking victory against James Wade, Campbell credited his solid preparation routine with mentor Darren Webster as a cornerstone of his success. Acknowledging the crucial role Webster played in refining his game, Campbell remarked, "I've been preparing well with Darren Webster. He's kind of drilled me into do this, do that. I feel like I can manage my emotions and performance on the big stages much better now."


Looking ahead to the next round, Campbell expressed confidence in maintaining his current level with consistent practice. "I think an hour and a half a day, I could keep the level where I'm at. I may need more, but when I come back, I could try and get that extra little bit into it," he stated. 


Campbell's focused preparation, alongside mentor Darren Webster, and his unwavering determination have positioned him as a force to be reckoned with in the PDC World Championships, leaving fans eager to witness the continuation of his remarkable journey on the Ally Pally stage.

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