NBA Betting Rules and Regulations

Explore the essential rules of NFL betting, covering everything from common wagers and live betting guidelines to player prop bets and playoff bracket betting. Understand how legal regulations impact NFL betting and discover specific rules for NFL players. Bet confidently with our comprehensive guide.

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There are so many exciting markets to wager on with NBA betting. But in order to have a great time and give yourself the chance to make a profit, you must first know some of the basic NBA betting rules.

Today, we’re going to give you our comprehensive guide to betting on the NBA, including the most popular types of bets, as well as some of the essential rules you should know before you make an NBA bet at a top online bookmaker

Popular NBA Bets 

Betting on the NBA involves understanding a set of basic rules and concepts that govern how wagers are placed and settled.

Here’s a breakdown of the fundamental rules you need to know.

Moneyline bets

This is a straightforward bet on which team will win the game. No point spread is involved.

Point spread bets

In point spread betting, the favourite team is given a handicap (e.g., -5.5 points), and the underdog is given an advantage (+5.5 points).

The favourite must win by more than the spread for the bet to win, while the underdog must win outright or lose by less than the spread.

Over/under bets (Totals)

This involves betting on the total number of points scored in the game by both teams combined, over or under a specified number set by the sportsbook.

Live betting

Live betting allows you to place bets during the game as the action unfolds. Odds and lines are continuously updated based on the current state of play.

In-play bets are typically settled shortly after the outcome is determined. For example, a bet on the next team to score is settled once a basket is made.

Prop bets

Proposition bets, or prop bets, are wagers on specific events within a game, such as player performance, team statistics, or occurrences (e.g., total points by a player, number of three-pointers made by a team).

NBA Team & NBA player prop bet rules    

●    Player performance: Bets on individual player performance (e.g., total points, rebounds, assists) are voided if the player does not participate in the game

●    Team props: Bets on team-specific outcomes, such as first team to score or total points by a team, are settled based on the full game result, including any overtime periods

Popular NBA Player Prop Bets 

Player prop bets are a popular category of NBA betting that lets you wager on specific individual player performances during a game. Here are some of the most popular NBA player prop bets:

●    Points Scored: Betting on the total number of points a player will score in a game

●    Rebounds: Wagering on the total number of rebounds a player will grab during the match

●    Assists: Betting on the total number of assists a player will record in the game

●    Three-pointers made: Wagering on the total number of three-point field goals a player will make throughout the match

●    Double-doubles and triple-doubles: Betting on whether a player will achieve a double-double (e.g., scoring double digits in two statistical categories) or a triple-double (e.g., scoring double digits in three statistical categories) during the game

●    Player points vs. opponent points: Betting on whether a specific player will score more points than a particular opponent in the match

●    Player performance combos: Combining multiple player performance metrics into a single bet, such as points scored combined with rebounds or assists

Basic NBA Betting Rules 

Now that you know about the most popular types of NBA bets, it’s time to look at some basic rules that apply specifically to NBA wagers. 

Bet settlement

For a bet to stand, the game must be completed. If an NBA game is postponed or not played on the scheduled date, most sportsbooks will void all bets unless the game is rescheduled within a specific timeframe.

All bets, unless otherwise specified, include overtime. This means that the final result after any overtime periods will be used to settle bets.

Minimum game duration

For most bets to be valid, the game must reach a certain minimum duration. Generally, NBA games must go at least 43 minutes for bets to stand, unless the bet has already been determined (e.g., first basket scored).

If a game is abandoned before the minimum duration is reached and not completed on the same day, most bets are voided. Bets on markets that have been unconditionally determined (e.g., first quarter winner) may still be valid.

What are the Betting Rules for Shortened or Cancelled NBA Games? 

NBA games can sometimes be shortened or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, such as severe weather, technical issues, or other emergencies.

It's essential to understand how sportsbooks handle bets in such situations to avoid any confusion.

Here are the general betting rules for shortened or cancelled NBA games.

Game completion: For most bets to be valid, the game must reach a certain minimum duration. NBA games typically need to complete at least 43 minutes of play for bets to stand, unless the bet has already been determined (e.g., first quarter winner).

Official game time: If a game is stopped or cancelled before reaching the required minimum duration, most bets are voided unless the outcome has already been determined unconditionally (e.g., first quarter winner).

Rescheduling: If an NBA game is postponed and rescheduled within a specific timeframe determined by the sportsbook, bets on that game may remain valid and be settled based on the rescheduled date and time.

NBA overtime betting rules: All bets, including those on the outcome of the game and prop bets, include overtime unless otherwise specified. The final result after any overtime periods will be used to settle bets.

Voided bets: If a game is cancelled or postponed beyond the sportsbook's specified timeframe, all bets on that game are typically voided, and stakes are refunded to bettors.

It's essential to check the specific rules and terms provided by your chosen sportsbook regarding shortened or cancelled NBA games to ensure you understand how your bets will be settled in such situations.

Betting Strategies at NBA Sports Betting Sites

●    Bankroll management: Set a budget for your betting activities and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses and only wager what you can afford to lose

●    Research and analysis: Gather information about teams, players, recent performances, injuries, and other factors that may influence the outcome of games

●    Shop for the best odds: Compare odds across multiple sports betting sites to ensure you're getting the best value for your bets

●    Start with simple bets: Begin with simple bets like moneyline, point spread, or totals before exploring more complex wagering options

●    Stay informed during games: Keep track of in-game developments and consider live betting opportunities as the odds change in real time

●    Gamble responsibly: Remember to gamble responsibly. Set limits on your time and money spent on betting, take breaks when needed, and seek help if gambling becomes a problem. Always prioritise enjoyment and never chase losses

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