2024 Players Championship: Mark Allen Unleashes a Century Frenzy Against Mark Williams

Day two of the 2024 Johnstone’s Paint Players Championship in Telford ignited with a riveting clash between Mark Allen and Mark Williams. Allen's explosive start, highlighted by a phenomenal 146 break, set the tone for a captivating encounter. Despite Williams' resilient fightback, Allen's relentless century spree secured a thrilling 6-3 victory. With Allen's advancement to the quarterfinals, anticipation brews for the next chapter in his quest for snooker glory.

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Day Two Commences in Telford

The second day of the 2024 Johnstone’s Paint Players Championship in Telford kicked off with an electrifying clash between Mark Allen and Mark Williams. In a dazzling display of skill and precision, Allen wasted no time in asserting his dominance, orchestrating a magnificent 146 break in the opening frame of their encounter. 


Despite tantalisingly flirting with the possibility of a maximum 147 break, Allen's control momentarily wavered as he lost the cue ball from the black. Opting for a calculated approach over a high-risk shot, Allen strategically settled for a mid-range pot on the pink, deftly navigating his way back to the bottom of the table. This early strategic manoeuvre set the stage for an enthralling battle against the seasoned campaigner, Mark Williams.

Allen's Century Spree Takes Centre Stage

In the second frame, Williams began with an astonishing stroke of luck, sinking an extraordinary fluke shot on the initial red. However, his fortune quickly turned sour as he inadvertently snookered himself in the process. This misstep proved costly as it gifted his Northern Irish opponent 16 points.


Seizing the moment with impeccable finesse, Allen demonstrated exceptional precision as he capitalised on the opening created by Williams' misfortune. His impressive break of 112 not only showcased his prowess but also secured his second consecutive century in as many frames. 


Maintaining his commanding form, Allen further asserted his dominance by notching his third consecutive century break. With a confident display, he effortlessly crafted a break of 102, extending his lead to 3-0 in the match.

Williams’ Fightback Begins

As the fourth frame commenced, Williams found himself with just one ball potted after nearly an hour of gameplay, underscoring the stark contrast in quality evident thus far in the match. Nevertheless, the Welshman halted his opponent's momentum, mounting a resilient response with a composed break of 71. This resurgence came in response to Allen's initial 45-point opener, signalling a potential shift in momentum as the match unfolded.


Additionally, after the halftime interview, Williams initiated his comeback by clinching the fifth frame with a composed 69-break. This set the stage for another captivating showdown between the two skilled left-handed players, promising yet another display of high-quality snooker.



Fluctuating Fortunes

The Pistol made his way back to the table, showcasing his mastery of the game with another remarkable break. This time, he compiled an impressive score of 94, solidifying his lead by two frames in the match.


Following this, a relatively standard frame unfolded, with both players presented with opportunities that went uncapitalized. However, it was Williams who eventually secured the frame with 59 points, marking the lowest-scoring tally of the match thus far.


Nevertheless, Allen quickly bounced back in the eighth frame, producing his fifth break over 50. This stellar performance allowed him to yet again regain his two-frame advantage, maintaining his firm grip on the match.

Allen's Dominance Secures Quarter-Final Berth

In the decisive final frame, Allen surged ahead with a commanding break of 68, seemingly on the brink of sealing victory. However, a missed long red attempt provided Williams with a glimmer of hope to salvage the game. Fortunately for Allen, Williams couldn't capitalise on this opportunity, ultimately paving the way for Allen to secure a 6-3 triumph and secure his spot in the quarterfinals.


Looking ahead, Allen will await the outcome of the match between Gary Wilson and Hossein Vafaei in the next round, where he'll face the winner in what promises to be another thrilling encounter.


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