Alyx Tzamantanis.

Alyx Tzamantanis

Sports Betting Editor

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Favourite F1 driver

Carlos Sainz

Favourite F1 track


Favouroite football team


Favourite football player of all time

Ian Wright

Sport she’d like to try


Sport she’s terrible at


With 10 years of experience in content writing, Alyx has produced countess guides, reviews and articles covering a wide range of topics in the iGaming industry. She loves anything to do with online casinos, as well as UK and international sports betting.

Alyx Tzamantanis

Her favourite areas to explore are UK football, Formula 1 and tennis, as well as classic card games like blackjack and poker. She can’t play very well, but that doesn’t stop her trying!

So far in her career, Alyx has produced more than 200 slot reviews, as well as over 150 sportsbook and casino operator reviews. It’s fair to say that any casino or sportsbook you can think of, she’s reviewed it.

Alyx moved into editing a few years ago, but by joining the team at SportsBoom she is back to do doing what she loves - analysing betting markets, researching leading sportsbooks and scoping out the best bonus deals around.