Claudia Hartley

Claudia Hartley

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Football Team

Sheffield Wednesday

Sporting Idol

Henrietta Knight

Favourite Sports Movie

Bend It Like Beckham

Favourite Sports Memory

Best Mate wins third Cheltenham Gold Cup

Personal Sporting Moment

Egg & Spoon race champion 1998

With a decade of experience in the sports betting industry, Claudia can spot a value bet from a mile off. She prides herself on not just being a sports writer, but a fastidious researcher too.

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Claudia Hartley


Claudia Hartley

A bargain-hunter by nature, she loves nothing more than finding the betting bonuses (or long-priced horses) and sharing them with her readers. As part of the team at SportsBoom, her personal mission is to demystify sports betting jargon and help people find their own perfect punting platform.