Basic Sports Betting Tips & Guide

We take you through the best betting tips out there for sports.

Jon Young
Jon Young

Last Updated: 2024-06-07

A. Tzamantanis

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Understanding Betting Odds


One of the best bet tips is to understand how bookmakers create and display odds. Every home win, first goalscorer, and season-winner market has a fixed price attached. This is calculated by the bookmaker based on the implied probability of the outcome. 

With fixed odds, the price shown displays the return based on 1 unit of stake. We can use an odds calculator to view the implied probability too (the chances of that outcome happening). 

Liverpool v Atalanta (UEFA Europa League)
Liverpool 4/11 (Implied probability 73%)
Atalanta 2/1 (Implied probability 33.33%)

In this football match, Liverpool are priced as favorites at 4/11 (or -275 in American Odds). That means for every £11 you wagered on Liverpool, you’d win £4 back (plus your £11 stake). Atalanta are underdogs, so you’d win £2 for a win if you bet £1. 

A betting tip here is to work out whether you think the favorite or underdog has a better implied probability of winning the game. If you think Liverpool have a less than 73% chance of winning, there is value in this bet. 

Types of Sports Bets


  • Moneyline/Match Betting: This is the simplest form of bet. It’s a pre-match wager on the outcome of a single game. In football, it’s known as the 1X2 (Home/Draw/Away).

  • Example: 
    Brazil v France (football)
    Brazil (1/2)
    Draw (4/1)
    France (11/8)

In this football example, Brazil are 1/2 favourites to win. For a $10 stake, you’d win $5 profit, plus your $10 stake. You’d win $40 (4 x $10) on the draw, and $13.75 on a France win. 

  • Totals (Over/Under): This is a wager on the total points or goals in a game. You bet over or under the point decided by the online bookmaker.
  • In our Brazil v France example, the bookmaker sets the point for Total Goals as 2.5. You win the Under bet if the total goals are 0, 1, or 2. You win on the Over if the total goals are 3+.
  • Point Spread: Also known as the Asian Handicap in football, the point spread is a wager on one team or player with a handicap or points advantage applied. You can also set your own spread at some bookmakers, where the bet is known as a ‘Teaser’. 

Researching Your Bets


One of the best sports bet tips is to do research before a game. All good bookmakers now offer full stats, head-to-head results, and previous form on their websites and apps. Just click on the icons alongside each market to bring up a dedicated page showing every statistic you’ll need. 

In addition, some online sportsbooks also provide betting tips from experts on the day’s games. Don’t forget to read all the news and views at Sportsboom too to find out who’s hot, who’s injured, and which teams you should be focussing on. 

Top 5 Smart Betting Practices

Here are some of the best sports betting tips to get you started at online bookmakers now.

Practise Good Bankroll Management

It’s important to set a bankroll before you start betting on any sport. Set a limit on how much you can afford to lose, and set stakes relative to your total bankroll. 

Consider starting with bets of 5 units (5% of your whole roll) on odds-on wagers, and 1-2 units on underdogs. You can adjust stakes later if your profits increase. 

Use Cash Out Features

Most reputable online bookmakers offer a Cash Out function that lets you settle some or all your wager before the game ends. Make use of the feature to extract a profit early, especially if you’re following the ebbs and flows of the game.

Claim a Sportsbook Bonus

We recommend claiming a sportsbook bonus when you open your account. You can create accounts with multiple sports betting sites to claim free bets or a deposit match. It’s a great way to take a risk with a free bet token and bet on longer odds.

Compare Odds at Multiple Sportsbooks

Market odds can vary hugely from one sportsbook to another. There can be small differences in price on the same game, so you must compare odds and exploit price differences. 

Also, check whether markets have enhanced odds. These are odds boosts the sportsbook offers on selected games or futures. You may not be interested in the market being boosted, but keep checking back as odds boosts are offered regularly. 

Never Bet Blind on Sports You Don’t Understand

Online sportsbooks offer odds on dozens of sports but don’t fall into the trap of betting blindly on something you don’t understand. Stick to one or two sports you know inside out before placing your bets.

Final Thoughts

You can bet smarter with our sports betting tips and advice. Never bet on markets you don’t fully understand, and study the form and stats before placing any wagers.

You can find betting tips here at Sportsboom on the biggest NFL, football, and cricket markets. Check out the latest news and opinions and bet smarter with a sports betting welcome bonus.