Luke Littler’s Fairytale Ends: Interview with Littler and World Champ Humphries

In a riveting World Darts Championship final, Luke Littler's fairy tale journey concluded against new world champion Luke Humphries. We had the opportunity to have a post-match conversation with both players, and here's their take on the match, as well as exploring Littler’s impact on the growth of darts and a potential debut Premier League year for both players.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-04

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The Story of Luke Littler Is Only Just Beginning

In a captivating final display, Luke Littler's fairy tale run in the World Darts Championship came to an end in a thrilling contest against Luke Humphries. The 16-year-old sensation, who had captured the hearts of the nation with his remarkable journey, faced a formidable opponent in Humphries, the new world champion.


From the start of the interview, it was evident that Littler's primary goal was to win at least one game and return after Christmas. However, his incredible journey exceeded all expectations, reaching the final and making it a truly unforgettable experience for the young player.



A Fairy tale World Championship Display

Despite the defeat, Littler remained proud of his achievements, emphasising that losing on such a grand stage didn't make him angry at himself. He acknowledged the incredible support from the public, describing it as "crazy" and expressing appreciation for all the encouragement.


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It's been unbelievable. Like I've said, I just wanted to win one game, come back after Christmas, and that was it. That's the only goals I set. So, this is just a massive, massive bonus.

Luke Littler reflecting on the tournament.

A Missed Opportunity

The pivotal moment in the final came when Littler had one dart double for a 5-2 lead. Reflecting on it, he admitted, "My mind went blank, and I stopped my rhythm, and I didn't take it." It was a turning point that shifted the momentum in favour of Humphries.


In response to a question about future confidence, Littler mentioned winning six televised PDC games and sets his sights on winning more in the upcoming years. He acknowledged the valuable experience gained in the tournament and the belief it instilled in him for future competitions.

A New Global Superstar

The interview delved into the impact Littler had on growing the sport, with him expressing hope that he had inspired young people to take up darts. He encouraged them to try the sport, emphasising its appeal once they get into it. Littler's impact on the global audience has been nothing short of extraordinary, transcending the boundaries of traditional darting enthusiasts. The 16-year-old prodigy has not only captured the attention of ardent darts followers but has also managed to draw in spectators from diverse backgrounds who may have never tuned in to watch the sport before.




On the other side of the spectrum, Luke Humphries, the world champion, praised Littler's contribution to the sport, stating, "He's grown it bigger than anybody could ever have imagined." Humphries highlighted Littler's fantastic attitude and family support, foreseeing a massive future for the young talent.

‘Relentless’ Luke Littler

Humphries, in a gracious acknowledgment of Luke Littler's relentless performance in the final, praised the young prodigy's unwavering determination and skill. Recognising the formidable challenge presented by Littler, Humphries commented on the difficulty he faced in contending with such a skilled opponent, especially in the intensity of a world championship final. 


Impressed by Littler's tenacity, Humphries went so far as to suggest that "relentless" could be a fitting nickname for the young player, a testament to his unyielding and persistent style of play.

The Premier League Beckons for the Nuke

As the darting world looks to the future, the possibility of Luke Littler joining the Premier League garners considerable attention. Fans and experts are keenly anticipating his inclusion, fuelled by his stellar performance in the World Championship. Despite the looming pressures associated with this prestigious league, Littler maintains a grounded perspective, expressing his commitment to staying true to himself and carrying forward the impressive form he showcased in recent weeks. 




In addressing this pivotal decision, Humphries imparts valuable advice, underscoring the significance of Littler making his own choice amid the challenges of a demanding schedule. Humphries acknowledges the substantial commitment that the Premier League entails but also points out the potential for Littler to relish World Series events, displaying confidence in the young player's adeptness at navigating the opportunities ahead. 


With the darting community eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Premier League line-up, Littler's potential inclusion injects an exhilarating new element into the already fierce competition among the sport's elite. 

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It's up to him and his family to decide. If he decides not to go into the Premier League, he's got loads of World Series. The PDC would love to put him in. The only advise I would give Luke [Littler] would be to follow his heart, as I don’t think the Premier League would be too overwhelming for him.

Luke Humphries on Luke Littler's chances of being included in this year's Premier League

The Future of Darts

In conclusion, the World Championship final between the two Lukes left an indelible mark on the darts world. Luke Littler's journey may have come to an end for now, but his impact on the sport and the promise of a bright future makes him a player to watch in the years to come. The rivalry between the Lukes is expected to continue, promising more exciting moments for darts enthusiasts worldwide.

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