'Best Darts Players on the Planet: Interview with Luke Humphries

Luke Humphries secured his spot in the World Championship final with a dazzling 6-0 performance against Scott Williams, where he amassed an incredible 108.74 average. The interview following his semi-final victory provides insight into Humphries' emotions, mindset, and anticipation as he prepares to face the talented 16-year-old sensation, Luke Littler, in the pinnacle match.

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Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-03

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World Championship Finalist, and World Number One

Luke Humphries secured his spot in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World Championship final with a flawless 6-0 performance against Scott Williams, showcasing a remarkable 108.76 average. 


This resounding win not only propelled him to the pinnacle match at Alexandra Palace but also marked his ascent to the world number one spot for the first time in his career. 

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Being world number one is something that you can only dream of as a kid, and to finally reach that pinnacle for me is massive. It opens loads of doors.

Humphries commenting on his significant achievement

A Dream Becomes Reality

The world championship finalist expressed his elation, stating, "It's something that I never really dreamed would happen so early on in my career. I still feel new to the game. In six years to be in that world final is a massive, massive feeling for me. I've worked incredibly hard over the last couple of years to put myself in these positions to go on and do it."


Reflecting on his outstanding performance against Dave Chisnall, where he delivered a 103 average on the Ali Pally stage, Humphries acknowledged, "I think that's probably one of the best ones I've played ever on the stage." He emphasised the importance of making a statement performance to set the stage for an enthralling final against the 16-year-old sensation, Luke Littler.

Match Stats

Scott WilliamsLuke Humphries
180 thrown
140+ thrown
100+ thrown
43.75% (7/16)60% (18/30)
Highest checkout
Average (3 darts)
Legs won
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His Journey to the Final, and Luke Littler

The upcoming final against Luke Littler, a 16-year-old prodigy, adds an extra layer of excitement to the championship. Humphries acknowledged the incredible journey both players have had, saying, "Regardless of what happens to both of us, I think you know what? If I don't go on to win tomorrow, I've achieved the most incredible thing this year."


He spoke highly of Littler's achievements, acknowledging that one of them would secure an incredible accomplishment. "One of us is going to get that achievement of being world champion. Unfortunately, both of us won't," he added.

The Nuke’s Added Pressure

Additionally, Humphries dismissed the notion of extra pressure due to Littler's impressive performances, stating, "I didn't feel extra pressure the way he played. It was important for me to go out there and make everyone believe it's going to be a closer game than everyone thought."

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I don't think there is any nerves coming from him, and the way I played tonight, I don't think any nerves coming from me.

Humphries response when questioned about the potential pressure on Littler in his first major final

Reflecting on his own comfort on the stage, Humphries admitted, "It is. It really is. Like you said, I've had some edgy moments. I think the first game was acceptable. I really struggled against Ricardo, but tonight’s performance showed what I can do on that stage. 

The World Against Him

Humphries walk on.jpeg


Having faced a tumultuous crowd reception during his match against Ricardo Pietreczko in the last 32 stage, Luke Humphries demonstrated resilience and composure, emerging victorious in the face of adversity. The experience of dealing with a vocal audience that predominantly favoured his opponent could serve as valuable preparation for the fervent atmosphere expected in the final against Luke Littler. 


Humphries noted, "The Ricardo game was a different prospect as a whole. It was completely different. I think the crowd obviously will be supporting Littler. That's just the way it is. I don't think that'll overrule me. I don't think that I'll get the same number of boos as I did against Ricardo. I think they'll want a fair game the crowd. They're going to want to see an amazing final, why wouldn't you?”. 

From £250 to £500,000

As the conversation delved into their history, Humphries shared a nostalgic moment, looking at a picture of him and Littler from a local tournament four and a half years ago. He acknowledged Littler's talent even back then and recognised the journey they have both undertaken to reach the world championship final.


Littler and Humphries four and a half years ago.jpeg


Humphries continued, "I think I was pretty early on in my career. I don't know if I'd made one or two televised finals then, but his dad on that day was very adamant that he was going to be a superstar and he was right because he is."


Notably, in their initial face-off, the two young players were competing for a mere £250 prize money. Fast forward four and a half years, and they are now set to battle it out on the grandest stage, where the prize money for tomorrow's final is an astounding half a million pounds. The prize money Humphries has already received from this tournament as reportedly taken his net worth around £1.5million according to most outlets.

Age Is Just a Number

In a poignant moment, Humphries emphasised the significance of age merely being a number, stating, "I think we need to stop referring to him as just a 16-year-old. He's just a good dart player." This sentiment captures the essence of their impending clash - a battle between two exceptional players, irrespective of age, as they prepare to make history in the World Championship final at Ally Pally.


Also, still in the early stages of his darting career at the age of 28, Humphries is on the verge of potentially becoming the third youngest world champion of all time, following in the footsteps of Michael Van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis, should he secure victory in the upcoming final.

The Next World Champion

In conclusion, Luke Humphries remains focused on the ultimate goal, stating, "Just one more great game, go on and win that world title, then I’ve pretty much accomplished everything I wanted too in my career."


The world will be watching as these two exceptional players, with age just a number, prepare to make history in the World Championship final at Ally Pally.

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