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2024 Masters: Kyren Wilson's Grueling Battle Ends in Heartbreaking Loss to Judd Trump

At the 2024 MrQ Masters, Kyren Wilson faced reigning champion Judd Trump in the first round, producing a rollercoaster of emotions that ultimately concluded with a nail-biting 6-5 defeat for Wilson. The match showcased remarkable skill, intense pressure, and a few unexpected turns that left both players and fans on the edge of their seats. Reflecting on the match, the Warrior, Wilson gave his take on the epic encounter, as well as his view on the future.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-10

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Agonising Defeat to the Reigning Champion

Kyren Wilson's journey in this year's Masters concluded with a heart-wrenching 6-5 defeat, narrowly edged out by the reigning champion Judd Trump.


In the initial stages, Wilson took charge as the aggressor, capitalising on Trump's early struggles to settle into the match. Wilson sailed through the opening three frames, exploiting Trump's nerves to establish a 3-0 lead. However, in the fourth frame, a positional error proved costly for Wilson, allowing Trump to make his mark and narrow the gap to 3-1 as they headed into the break.


The tide began to turn in Trump's favour from that point onward, as Wilson's performance dipped, allowing the defending champion to secure five consecutive frames. Wilson, however, managed to regain his focus and clawed back with two hard-fought frames. Yet, in the deciding frame, a missed opportunity by Wilson opened the door for Trump to slide a red into the middle pocket, which would see him clear up the 11th and final frame. 

The Game Changing Shot

Reflecting on the match, Wilson acknowledged the pivotal moment that turned the table in Trump's favour. He dissected a critical shot in the last frame, saying, "I played a little soft cannon to the red and the pink that were together off the blue, thinking I was guaranteed to be on a red. Perhaps I should try and avoid it and just play on the red rather than trying to make things a little bit too complicated if you like."

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I must have adopted Stephen Hendry's comments from the other day that you'd rather go out on a pot than a safety.

Wilson, added.

Despite expressing regret about that particular shot, Wilson credited Trump for seizing the opportunity and showcasing his champion mentality, stating, "Every credit to Judd, it's not easy to take out the clearances. So he has shown what a great champion he is and took it on the black."

Pressure on the Alexandra Palace Stage

The interview shed light on the immense pressure both players felt throughout the match. Wilson admitted, "I don't think anybody is telling the truth. They don't feel it out there. It's nerve-wracking, and that's what we turn professional for." He emphasised the importance of such experiences for the future of snooker, especially for the younger generation, as he mentioned having his children in attendance.


The interview highlighted the fine margins that determine success in snooker, with Wilson noting, "Tiny fine little margins that are making all the difference," referring to the near-miss that allowed Trump to capitalise on the opportunity.



The Stephen Hendry Way

Wilson also discussed his change in approach, drawing inspiration from Hendry's philosophy: "Yeah, I've tried to be much more attacking and quicker. I think my shot times come down tremendously over the past few years."


Despite facing what he deems as the poorest season of his career, Wilson finds solace in his impressive performance, highlighting, "I'm probably having the poorest season of my career, and I think I'm still sort of third on the century list this season." 


This paradox prompts him to ponder the potential heights he could reach in a more favourable season, stating, "So if you can do that when you're having a poor season, what can I do when I'm having a good one?" Wilson's introspective analysis offers a glimpse into his commitment to continuous improvement and a determination to elevate his game to even greater heights in the future.

End To End Snooker

The exhausting nature of the match was evident in Wilson's final words as he compared it to a boxing match, saying, "I'm shattered. I've got a thumping headache. I feel like I've been on a four-day bender. That's how my head feels right now."


Despite the heartbreak, Wilson expressed gratitude for the overall experience and looked forward to some well-deserved family time. With his two kids showing interest in snooker, Wilson stated, "Bailey wants to become a professional when he is older," showing optimism for the future generations in the sport.


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