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2024 Masters: Ronnie O'Sullivan Secures First-Round Victory in Spectacular Fashion

In a riveting first-round match at the MrQ Masters, Ronnie O'Sullivan secured a 6-3 victory over Ding Junhui, highlighted by Ding's remarkable 147 break. O'Sullivan, though elusive in his post-match interview, expressed satisfaction with the win and reflected on his mindset during the game. The snooker legend also shared insights on the challenges faced by young players, drawing parallels between his early career and the rising Darts star, Luke Littler.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-09

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A 147 Isn’t Enough

In a thrilling first-round match at the recent snooker event, Ronnie O'Sullivan emerged victorious with a 6-3 win over the highly skilled Ding Junhui. The contest, filled with suspense and remarkable moments, saw Ding producing a stunning 147 break that added to the excitement of the day.


At the mid-session interval, Ding found himself trailing 4-0 against O'Sullivan. The seven-time world champion, however, let a simple red slip, allowing Ding to capitalise. The Chinese star swiftly secured two frames, narrowing the gap to 4-3. 


Despite a late resurgence from Ding, O’Sullivan, aiming for an eight Masters title, responded with a remarkable break of 127. In two subsequent visits to the table, the Rocket sealed the victory reaffirming his dominance in the match, and ticket to the quarterfinals. 


"It's a nice feeling when you do a 147. It is really nice. So yeah, Ding must be really happy with himself. It's good, it's good," O’Sullivan commented.



Elusive Elegance from the Rocket

When interviewed after the match, O'Sullivan, though somewhat elusive in his responses, expressed his satisfaction with the win. "I don't know what to say about it all, to be honest. Just pleased to get a win and look forward to being in the next round," said O'Sullivan.


The interview touched upon O'Sullivan's mindset during the game, particularly when he missed out on securing a five-nil lead. Despite the challenges, O'Sullivan maintained his focus. "I just had to stick my head down and keep on going," he explained.

The Welsh Open, and other Tournaments

Moreover, O'Sullivan talked about his intentions for the coming year, outlining his plans, as well as mentioning potential tournament appearances and a preference for avoiding certain events. 


“I'm here and then I think maybe go to Germany. I see how I feel. I will probably miss out on Llandudno. I don't like the dynamics of what they've done here with the draw [for the Welsh Open]. So, I think I'll probably miss that one because something doesn’t feel quite right about it. Then if I don't qualify for the World Open in Yushan, I'll probably go and play some pool in China and that's about it really. That's my short medium and plans really”, O’Sullivan responded. 

The Teenage Sensation, Luke Littler

Drawing parallels between O'Sullivan's early career and the rising Darts star Luke Littler, the interviewer sought O'Sullivan's perspective on the challenges faced by young players today, particularly in the era of social media. O'Sullivan reflected on his own journey, expressing that if he could go back, he might have chosen a different path to navigate the pressures.

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I think if I had my time again, I'd probably take the [Stephen] Hendry route and just be always around an Alex Ferguson type figure. I'd definitely choose to do things differently. So, just keep your feet on the ground if you can and just keep good people around.

O'Sullivan when asked if he had an advice for the young darting prodigy.

Despite being away during Littler's recent accomplishments, O'Sullivan acknowledged the young player's success, drawing comparisons to his own early victories, such as winning the UK Championship at 17 years old.

Future Plans for O’Sullivan

In the end, O'Sullivan left the interviewer and the audience with a sense of mystery regarding his future plans, stating, "I don't even know. Again, it's sort of, I would really love to give you some real, lovely answers, but I don’t know. I really haven’t got a clue to be honest."


As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate more captivating performances from Ronnie O'Sullivan, a legend of the game, who continues to add to his storied career.


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