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2024 Masters: Mark Williams Reflects on First-Round Exit to Ali Carter

In a surprising turn of events at the MrQ Masters, former world champion Mark Williams faced an unexpected first-round exit, losing 6-4 to Ali Carter. The seasoned snooker player offered his reflections on the match in a post-game interview.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-09

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Unexpected Exit

In a gripping first-round clash at Alexandra Palace, Mark Williams found himself on the losing end as Ali Carter secured a thrilling passage to the quarterfinals of the Masters, prevailing 6-4 in a breathless encounter. The topsy-turvy game of snooker showcased Carter's nerves of steel, especially when the stakes were at their highest. Highlighting his exceptional skill and composure under pressure, Carter punctuated his victory with back-to-back century breaks of 133 and 118.


Regrettably for the two-time champion Williams, a couple of fatal misses proved costly in the end. Despite Williams' efforts, Carter's relentless determination shone through as he seized crucial moments, ultimately earning his well-deserved spot in the quarterfinals. Looking forward, Carter is now poised to face the winner of the eagerly anticipated match between Judd Trump and Kyren Wilson.

Pragmatic Approach to Setbacks

Mark Williams, despite acknowledging his defeat, found positive aspects in the game. He praised Carter's performance, especially the pivotal breaks that swung the match in his favour. Williams admitted to missing a few shots, attributing them to the natural progression of his career, saying, "I missed two or three sitters, but that's what I do at this stage of my career, nothing can do about it."


Despite the setbacks, Williams remained pragmatic about the missed opportunities, stating, "There's no excuse for it. It's not like you twitch 'em or you've not lined them up. You miss them and they creep into your game more and more." He emphasised that such moments are part of the game and should be put behind, adding, "They just creep. There's nothing in it, you’ve just got to put these mistakes behind you."



Williams Addresses Back Concerns with Sportsmanship

Williams, confronted with inquiries about the condition of his back, sought to reassure his fans, asserting, "Back's fine." In a display of characteristic candour, he promptly dismissed any suggestion of leveraging a potential back problem as an excuse for the defeat. Williams firmly declared, "I got beat by a better player," emphasizing his commitment to acknowledging the skills and performance of his opponent, Ali Carter, rather than attributing the outcome to any physical discomfort he may have experienced during the match.

Unusual Incidents at Ally Pally

Regarding the unusual incident of a fly landing on the ball during the match, Williams humorously remarked, "The fly is still alive, I think." When questioned about other peculiar occurrences, he hilariously responded: "A reindeer came in once, I think."

Resilience in the Face of Defeat

Reflecting on the overall match, Williams acknowledged that Carter was the better player on the day and deserved the victory. Despite the disappointment of the early exit, Williams maintained a positive outlook, appreciating the quality of the venue and expressing the desire to continue playing at such prestigious events.


As the interview unfolded, Williams touched on various aspects, from missed opportunities to a minor back issue, showcasing his resilience and humour in the face of defeat. While the loss may be a setback, Williams remains a seasoned competitor with a wealth of experience, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. 


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