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2024 World Snooker Championship: “I’m Sorry to Disappoint,” says Jak Jones, Ending Trump-O’Sullivan Semi-final Hopes

Jak Jones stuns Judd Trump, ending hopes of a Trump-O'Sullivan showdown. Jones' humour, analysis, and Crucible prowess highlight his remarkable journey.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-01

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Ending the Trump-O'Sullivan Showdown

In a breath-taking display of composure and skill, Jak Jones sent shockwaves through the snooker world by defeating Judd Trump in a thrilling quarterfinal clash at the 2024 World Snooker Championship. Jones' clinical play and remarkable poise saw him emerge victorious, ending hopes of a much-anticipated Trump-O'Sullivan showdown.

Following his stunning victory, Jak Jones humorously addressed the disappointment of fans who had anticipated a Trump-O'Sullivan semi-final clash. "I'm sorry to disappoint," Jones told "A lot of people wanted to see that match. I know people were hoping for Judd [Trump] and Ronnie [O’Sullivan], but that doesn’t really bother me."

Jones displayed a remarkable level of confidence, unaffected by the pressure of the moment. "The Crucible is totally different, and that’s what it was with Judd, the pressure showed in the end," he remarked, reflecting on his ability to stay focused amidst high expectations.

Jones' Analysis of Trump's Unusual Approach

Reflecting on the match, Jones analysed Trump's approach, suggesting that the former World Champion may have shown him too much respect on the table. "I thought he was playing really slow for him, almost like what I've done in the past or even still do sometimes is looking for problems," Jones remarked.

Despite Trump's renowned aggressive style, Jones was able to dictate a slower tempo, catching his opponent off guard. "He wasn’t the fast-flowing aggressive player that he usually is," Jones observed. "It kind of surprised me, but I took advantage."


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Trump's Admission of Showing Respect

Additionally, Trump did candidly admit to potentially showing the Welsh qualifier too much respect during their quarterfinal encounter. "Yeah, I think you’re probably right, I think I did," Trump conceded. "I was willing to go toe-to-toe, rather than let my scoring do the work, and just go for my shots, and try to outscore him that way, which I didn’t do."

Trump acknowledged that his performance throughout the tournament had been inconsistent, leading to a gradual erosion of confidence. "From the start, this whole tournament I played okay in the first game and didn't play great against Tom [Ford]," he confessed. 

"I think just the belief with every session was kind of slowly going, that I was playing well, and, in the end, it just took, someone playing half decent was always going to beat me.”

Thriving at the Crucible

Jak Jones' success at the Crucible over the past two seasons underscores his affinity for the prestigious tournament in Sheffield. Reflecting on his achievements, Jones emphasised the unique atmosphere and challenges posed by the Crucible. "It’s just a completely different tournament," Jones noted. "If you can't get it for something like this, then you won't get it for anything. I think I just feel up for it."

“I thought it was the longer formats that helped. I’m used to playing behind closed doors pretty much in qualifiers in the middle of nowhere, so it’s a lot easier to give up in something like that.”

Jones' ability to thrive under the intense pressure of the Crucible speaks volumes about his resilience and determination, cementing his status as a formidable contender on snooker's grandest stage.

As the Silent Assassin advances to the semi-finals, his remarkable journey continues to captivate fans and pundits alike, underscoring the unpredictable nature of the World Snooker Championship and the enduring allure of the Crucible Theatre.

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