Naim Rosinski

Naim Rosinski

Content Manager

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Favorite Sports Team

Manchester United. Always a red.

Football position Naim played as a child

Midfielder, often right wing.

Favorite football player

Roberto Carlos

Merging his passion for sports and esports, you'll always find Naim sitting and watching either of the two. With over 6 years of being a creative writer, managing editor, and content manager, Naim has published countless articles, interviewed a myriad of professionals, and edited thousands of articles. At SportsBoom, Naim makes sure that articles are sent live the most sound that they can possibly be, always employing his creative mind, while making sure that everything is nicely streamlined in terms of processes. He also creates esports-focused betting pieces.

What's your favorite food?

Ever since I was a child, Indian food has been our go-to. This has never changed as I'll never turn down a Tikka Masala or a Chicken Jalfrezi.

What are your favorite places to visit on holiday?

Madeira and Crete. However, south of Spain holds a special place in my heart.

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Naim Rosinski


Naim Rosinski

Meet Naim, also known as "EnKay." While he is now a Content Manager for SportsBoom, Naim's professional journey started out very differently. In the early days of university, Naim became an EFL tutor. While this was very much enjoyable, he always knew that esports, sports, and writing is somewhat of his calling. Always keeping up with the latest in the esports and sports worlds, Naim became a freelancer creative writer for an esports website. After some time, he found a new environment that allowed for more creative expertise, quickly becoming Managing Editor and always on the lookout for new blood to join his talented roster of writers.

Later on, Naim joined THESPIKE, sister website of SportsBoom, where we was the Content Manager & Editor. Naim managed content production, including news, editorials, stats-driven, and interviews, as well as evergreen content output. He then jumped ship to SportsBoom, to further continue developing his expertise on content output and content creation.