Unveiling the Journey of Cape Town City Star Jody Ah Shene: From Ocean View to PSL Stardom

In an exclusive interview, SportsBoom explores the youngster’s football career, his difficulties, and more.

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Last Updated: 2024-04-26

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Footballer Jody Ah Shene celebrating towards the fans during a football match

In the heart of Ocean View, Cape Town, where headlines of gang-related violence often dominate, emerged a beacon of hope in the form of Jody Ah Shene. Amidst the challenges of his upbringing, Ah Shene found solace and purpose in football, a sport that not only saved him from the perils of his environment but also propelled him to the pinnacle of South African football.

Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Cape Town City’s Jody Ah Shene, tracing his path from the streets of Ocean View to the stadiums of the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

Image Credits: @JodyAhShene on Instagram

Image Credits: @JodyAhShene on Instagram

Early Beginnings and Challenges

Growing up in Ocean View, Ah Shene witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of gangsterism and violence. With his father falling victim to this environment, Ah Shene found himself at a crossroads. However, football emerged as his guiding light, offering him a path away from the dangers that lurked in his community. Despite the loss of his father at nine, Ah Shene remained determined to carve out a different destiny for himself, inspired by the desire to be a positive role model for his siblings.

“So it was a bad thing for me but also a good thing because many people don't know this and it shaped me because I never wanted to go in that direction. I always wanted to be different,” Jody Ah Shene told Sportsboom

Football as a Lifeline

Ah Shene's passion for football was ignited at the tender age of five when he first kicked a ball for Fish Hoek. His journey continued through the ranks, including a transformative stint at Ubuntu Football Academy, where he honed his skills, and personality and embraced a style of play that would shape his future. The academy's emphasis on possession-based football, high-intensity training, and exposure to higher levels of competition laid the foundation for Ah Shene's ascent to professional football.

Image Credits: @JodyAhShene on Instagram

Image Credits: @JodyAhShene on Instagram

A Path to Cape Town City

Scouted by Cape Town City's General Manager, Grant Veitch, at the Engen Knockout Challenge, Ah Shene's talent caught the eye of the club's hierarchy. Following a series of trials, Ah Shene officially joined Cape Town City at the age of 18, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his footballing journey.

“Grant Veitch, Cape Town City General Manager, scouted me at the age of 15 or 16 while I was playing in the Engen Knockout Challenge in Cape Town, when we won it. So he scouted me and we were speaking for a few years. At 17 I went for trials but with the first team at City. They liked what they saw and I officially signed with them when I was 18,” recalled Jody Ah Shene. 

Image Credits: @JodyAhShene on Instagram

Image Credits: @JodyAhShene on Instagram

Overcoming Adversity

Ah Shene's journey to success was not without its hurdles. From the loss of his father to the temptations of his environment, he faced numerous challenges along the way. However, through sheer determination and a steadfast belief in himself, Ah Shene overcame adversity, emerging as a shining example of resilience and perseverance.

“So yes those types of things but mainly losing my father in the beginning, because I developed anger issues. I even went for counselling to get over it but yes it wasn't easy to just become a man at a young age. 

“I couldn’t be weak because I had like brothers and sisters, and having to see your sister crying in her room because she missed my father. These conditions or moments really shaped me into creating a better life for all of us,” added Jody.

Jody Ah Shene’s feelings about Luke Fleurs and his passing

“When I first found out the news, I didn't believe it, but when I saw everyone posting, I felt sad and I was down like the whole night. I couldn't sleep,” shared Jody Ah Shene. 

“He was like an older brother to us and he was the one that, like, how can I say? He opened the doors for us, like going from Ubuntu and people recognising the Ubuntu talents because it was tough to produce players from Ubuntu at that time. But when he broke out, when he went to SuperSport United, it opened doors for us and he was a role model for all of us growing up and he was very close to us.

“We always spoke like when we saw each other off-seasons then you would always tell us to keep going. That our time will come and all these things and you must just stay humble and keep going and working hard and yeah he was a good person so it was a big loss for us Ubuntu family.” 

Looking to the Future

As Jody Ah Shene continues to make his mark in the PSL, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring footballers across South Africa. With his eyes set on achieving greater heights, Ah Shene remains grounded, guided by the lessons learned from his past and fueled by the dreams of a brighter future. As he continues to write his chapter in the beautiful game, one thing remains certain – the story of Jody Ah Shene is far from over.

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