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OKTAGON 58 Preview: Prague Set to Host the Rematch of the Century

OKTAGON 58 returns to Prague on June 8, 2024, featuring high-stakes fights, including the rematch between Karlos Vémola and Attila Végh. Expect intense main card and preliminary bouts, with fighters also vying for the €1 million Tipsort Gamechanger prize.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-06-07

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OKTAGON Returns to Prague

This Saturday, June 8th, 2024, Prague’s Eden football stadium will host a historic event: OKTAGON 58

With the night’s main event touted as the "Rematch of the Century," this highly anticipated battle between titans is set to captivate over 27,000 fervent fans in a sold-out open-air venue. 

The original clash between these fighters not only altered their careers but also shattered viewing records, and now, four years later, the stage is set for an even more monumental showdown. 

As the Czech-Slovak MMA scene braces for what promises to be the biggest tournament in its history, OKTAGON 58 is poised to redefine the landscape of European mixed martial arts.

Karlos Vémola vs. Attila Végh

In 2019, Karlos Vémola entered OKTAGON determined to prove himself as the top fighter in Czechoslovakia by facing Attila Végh. However, the match of the century left him with a shattered psyche, injuries, and a profound sense of loneliness. Undeterred, "The Terminator" clawed his way back to the top, securing the middleweight title in 2020 and capturing the light heavyweight division belt in 2022, which he impressively defended in 2023 with a stunning 7-second knockout.

Reflecting on his past defeat, Vémola recently stated, "It was the Match of the Century with Végh because it's a once in a hundred-year coincidence that I lost to him. I know how to beat him," confidently promising a TKO in the upcoming bout. Végh, on the other hand, has cemented his legacy as the biggest fighter on the domestic scene, with his legend growing in fame and marketing prowess, though he hasn't stepped into the cage since their initial encounter.

Vémola's persistent words have reignited Végh's competitive spirit, leading to the most anticipated rematch in the history of Czech and Slovak MMA. Végh responded, "It's great that you still have such confidence. But I will give it my all. And I'll take it as if I've never fought you before." This epic clash will be for Vémola’s Light Heavyweight championship, promising a showdown that will captivate the MMA world.

vermala mainevent .jpeg

Image credit: OKTAGON MMA

David Kozma vs. Ion Surdu

Legendary Karviná fighter and former six-time OKTAGON champion, David Kozma, is making his highly anticipated return after an eight-month hiatus. During his reign from 2019 to 2022, Kozma defended his title five times in some of the most memorable battles in OKTAGON history, amassing a remarkable 21 finishes. After reaching the semifinals of the European MMA Champions League last year, Kozma chose to take a break to focus on his family, refine his skills, and reignite his champion’s spirit. Now, he’s ready to bring his renewed energy and determination to Eden.

Standing in his way is the increasingly popular champion of two Romanian organisations, "Dracula" Ion Surdu. Surdu has been making waves in OKTAGON, showcasing his undeniable skills. In the Tipsport Gamechanger, he came within a hair's breadth of advancing past the eventual winner, Velickovic, in a thrilling mutual KO bout. Following that, Surdu defeated Mate Kertesz and dispatched two-time title challenger Alex Lohoré. Known for his aggressive style, "Dracula" has finished 11 opponents before the limit, with 10 of those victories coming in the first round.


Image credit: OKTAGON MMA

David Zawada vs. Marek Mazuch

David Zawada is an extremely dangerous fighter with experience in PFL, KSW, and UFC, bringing immense motivation to restore the Zawada name to the pinnacle of the European MMA scene. With an impressive 17 submission victories before the limit, 11 in the first round, and 12 knockout wins, Zawada is a force to be reckoned with. In his return to OKTAGON two months ago, he delivered a standout performance by stopping Hojat Khajevand, catapulting himself to the 6th rank in the middleweight division. 

Facing him is Marek Mazuch, known for wielding some of the hardest punches OKTAGON has ever witnessed. Mazuch boasts 6 brutal knockouts, having recently defeated strikers Jamie Cordero and Gianni Melillo in his last two fights.

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Image credit: OKTAGON MMA


Jaroslav Pokorny vs. Shem Rock

Czech professional MMA fighter Jaroslav Pokorny, a veteran of the OKTAGON MMA organization, is an old-school legend of the Czech MMA scene with 12 finishes before the limit. Known for his reputation as one of the toughest domestic fighters ever, Pokorny has been involved in combat sports since the age of six. 

Facing him is rising Irish star Shem Rock, a champion of two MMA organisations with a story straight out of a movie. Rock spent 10 years on the run in Asia for a crime he didn't commit. During that time, he embraced MMA and became a champion. 

Upon returning to England, he was arrested and jailed, only to be acquitted after six months. Known for finishing most of his fights before the limit, with his fastest victory coming in just 6 seconds, Rock quickly became a fan favourite at OKTAGON 56 in England. 

However, entering Pokorny's backyard, he anticipates a different reception. One of the two fighters on the card based out of UK-based gyms, Rock specialises in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and is prepared for a challenging bout.


Image credit: OKTAGON MMA

Mateusz Legierski vs. Akonne Wanliss

"I'm looking forward to smashing that lightsaber over your head," declared former champion and current #1 ranked lightweight, Mateusz "Dynamite" Legierski, in a message to Akonne Wanliss. The Polish warrior has had a flawless run in OKTAGON, boasting 7 finishes and an impressive 8-fight win streak dating back to 2019. His victories include a win over the current lightweight champion Paradeiser and a dominant first-round finish over Matous Kohout in the opening round of the Tipsort Gamechanger season two.

On the other hand, Akonne Wanliss made headlines at OKTAGON 56 by delivering an exquisite 48-second knockout to "The Knockout Prince" Sahil Siraj, maintaining his perfect finish rate. With all his victories coming by way of knockout, including 6 in the first round, Wanliss is now gearing up for the toughest and most crucial fight of his career. Training out of the same gym as UFC champion Leon Edwards, Wanliss stands as the sole English representative on the OKTAGON 58 card.

This high-stakes showdown between Legierski and Wanliss promises to be electrifying, as both fighters bring their knockout power and finishing skills to the forefront in what could be a career-defining battle. The winner will progress and become one step closer to the one-million-euro Tipsport Gamechanger prize money.


Image credit: OKTAGON MMA

Preliminary Fights

Alongside the five marquee main card fights, OKTAGON 58 will also feature five preliminary bouts that promise to deliver just as much drama and brutality. Fans can expect a series of intense clashes as rising stars and seasoned veterans alike step into the cage, each determined to make a statement. 

These preliminary fights will set the stage for an unforgettable night of MMA action, showcasing fierce rivalries, explosive knockouts, and masterful submissions. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from these thrilling matchups:

  • Milos Petrasek vs. Kamil Wojciechowski – Catchweight 88kg 
  • Acoidan Duque vs. Mago Machaev – Lightweight (Tipsport Gamechanger)
  • Leandro Silva vs. Amiran Gogoladze – Welterweight 
  • Denis Ilbay vs. Denis Tripsansky – Featherweight 
  • Attila Korkmaz vs. Makwan Amirkhani – Lightweight 


Stay tuned to for live updates and comprehensive coverage of all the action from OKTAGON 58, reporting directly from the Eden football stadium in Prague.

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