Best Wide Receivers in the NFL 2023

It was a topsy-turvy NFL season, so who exactly were the best wide receivers in the league for 2023?

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-02-02

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The National Football League (NFL) is a showcase of unparalleled athleticism, and wide receivers play a pivotal role in the game. These dynamic players are the primary targets for quarterbacks, known for their explosive speed, precise route running, and remarkable ability to make game-changing catches.
So who are the best wide receivers in the NFL in 2023? It’s a rather contentious issue, as there are a lot of factors to look at, but for sneak peak at the best wide receivers of 2023/ 2024 without any awards being given, here we go.

Objectively looking at the best wide receivers in the NFL in 2023 and for the 2023/2024 season, drum roll please. 

Top 10 Wide Receivers 2023

Tyreek Hill

The Cheetah has put up the most impressive numbers in this category in terms of TDs (13) and most importantly receiving yards at 1799. With the Dolphins choking on dry land in the latter half of the season, Hill could have way more. Maybe the Cheetah is missing Patrick Mahomes this season, or maybe he’s not. 

CeeDee Lamb

Poor CeeDee was another player taken out of the playoffs way too early, as the Cowboys limped it in a pathetic exit. That didn’t stop Lamb from putting up impressive numbers, leading the league in receptions (135), as well as coming second to Tyreek in receiving yards (1749). His 12 touchdowns also led all Dallas wide receivers.

Mike Evans

Tampa Bay wasn’t willing to show Mike Evans the love to start the 2023 season, but that didn’t stop him from having an electric connection with Baker Mayfield in a surprising playoff run. Evans tied Hill at number 1 with 13 TDs, and put up 1255 yards despite having only 79 receptions. It’s hard to stop Mike Evans.

Amon-Ra St. Brown

An early exit to the 49ers was a blip in a stunning career for this young Lions receiver. Amassing 1515 passing yards from Jared Goff, St. Brown tied Tyreek Hill for receptions with 119. Amon-Ra was the top Detroit dawg when it came to getting the ball and moving them to the playoffs. 

Puka Nacua
Puka was the amazing fantasy story of the season, putting up a ridiculous 1486 yards in his rookie season, and taking the long ball from Matthew Stafford to get them into the playoffs.  Nacua is definitely a rookie of the year candidate based on his gains alone.

A.J. Brown

The Eagles sputtered and flopped during the tail end of the season, but it wasn’t for the lack of A.J. Brown for trying. Brown was 5th in receiving yards for the 2023 season staging 1456 from Jalen Hurts. Too bad was on another disappointing season. 

DJ Moore

Justin Fields might be on the outs for the Bears, but his connection with DJ Moore might be the one that saves his Chicago career. After fleecing the Panthers for Moore in a trade, he put on a dominant 2023 performance with 1364 receiving yards. Bring on next season. 

Brandon Aiyuk

The 49ers have a plethora of talent, but it’s been the consistent hands of Brandon Aiuyk that helped them to a Super Bowl. His bounce off the visor catch in the NFC championship game was another indication how clutch Aiyuk has been, with 1342 regular season receiving yards. 

Nico Collins

CJ Stroud is a rookie of the year with his incredible performance with the Houston Texans, and Nico Collins was a huge factor in their playoff run. With 1297 receiving yards, Collins lit it up in the second half of the season after Tank Dell and other Texans players got injury bit. 

Davante Adams

Las Raiders Raiders might have stunk it out to begin the season, but Davante Adams continued to lead the team despite their stink. Adams had 1114 receiving yards, and 8 TDs with 103 receptions in the regular season.

That’s it for a look at the top wide receivers for 2023, and the 2023/2024 season in the NFL. 

Of course if you’re looking at who is the greatest wide receiver go all time? That has to be Jerry Rice, whose 22 895 yards might never be touched. Jerry still goes down as the GOAT for NFL wide receivers.  

We can talk about the greatest NFL wide receivers of all time in another article, as there are too many to fit into a tight list. 

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