Who is the youngest NFL Player?

Age can be an advantage in professional sports, so who is the youngest player in the NFL? Young men are coming in earlier every year, so let's look at the youngest NFL players of 2023.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2023-11-14

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Who is the youngest NFL Player?


The NFL is known for its incredible talent and athleticism, and every season, new young stars emerge to make their mark on the gridiron. 
Youth is an asset in most sports, although many NFL head coaches would prefer a player with experience.
With young men opting out of college early to chase their NFL dreams, many men in their late teens find themselves trying out for big league franchises.

But who exactly are the youngest players in the NFL?

With new players being signed and drafted throughout the season, it can be tough to get a handle on the official stats, so we have compiled out list of the 5 youngest players in the NFL during the 2023 season.

Want to feel old? Just think about where you were when these young men were born in 2001.  ‘Bootylicious’ was number one on the charts; YouTube had yet to be invented; and the 2001 Ravens were the reigning Super Bowl champs.

So let’s meet the 5 youngest players in the NFL today.

1. Nick Cross-(10/09/01)-IND

The youngest player in the NFL title goes to Indianapolis Colts safety Nick Cross, who was born on Sept 10, 2001, very close to that infamous day.  Nick was actually drafted 96th overall in the 2022 draft, making him a young NFL veteran.

2. Cordale Flott-(24/08/01)-NYG

New York Giants cornerback Cordale Flott has the distinction of being the second-youngest player in the NFL, popping into this world in August 2001.  Hailing from Saraland, Alabama, Flott attended LSU, where he was a part of the 2020 College National Champions team.

3. Isiah Spiller-(09/08/01)-LAC

LA Chargers running back Isiah Spiller comes in at third on our list, with a August 9th, 2001 birthday. Although Spiller shares the same surname with former NFL running back CJ Spiller,  the two are not related. 
After leaving Texas A&M, Spiller was selected by the Chargers 123rd overall in the 2022 NFL Draft.

4. Drake London-(24/07/01)-ATL

Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver, and former USC Trojan Drake London drops down to fourth on our list, with his July 24, 2001 birthday. 
London was the first wide receiver taken in the 2022 NFL Draft, where he was the 8th overall selection.  This young man from Moorpark, California will have a big future ahead of him, once the Falcons get him the right QB.

5. Derek Stingley Jr.-(20/06/01)-HOU

Derek Stingley Jr. comes from a rare football pedigree. Not only did his father Derek Sr play in the Arena Football League, but his grandfather Darryl Stingley was a former New England Patriot.  Selected 3rd overall by the Houston Texans in the 2022 NFL Draft, Stingley tied the record for the highest cornerback ever selected in the draft.

Youngest Ever Drafted

The title of the Youngest Player Ever Drafted belongs to former NFL player Amobi Okoye, who was drafted by the Houston Texans in the first round at 19 years old.
Originally from Nigeria, Okoye had a long NFL career before retiring from the game on 2017.

Feel old now? Well it is a young man’s game, just don’t tell Aaron Rodgers that. 

Wade McElwain
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