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2024 World Snooker Championship: Jak Jones Trails Kyren Wilson by Four Frames Heading into Last Session of the Final

Jak Jones clawed back four frames in his bid to stage a comeback against Kyren Wilson. With the score at 15-10, Jones faces a daunting task heading into the fourth and final session.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-06

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The Final Stage is Set

In the hallowed halls of the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, history awaited as two contenders, each with their distinct style and journey, vied for the prestigious title of World Snooker Champion. The final showdown between Kyren Wilson and Jak Jones promised a spectacle that would etch its mark in the annals of snooker history.

The Rise of the Silent Assassin

A narrative of resilience and determination paved Jak Jones' path to the final, marking him as the unlikely protagonist of this championship saga. Hailing from Wales, Jones emerged as a formidable force, weaving his way through a labyrinth of formidable opponents with a finesse that left spectators awestruck.

Renowned as "The Silent Assassin," Jones orchestrated a symphony of precision and strategy on the green baize, his mastery of safety play casting a spell on adversaries. His journey to the final was a testament to his mettle, having outclassed the likes of Zhang Anda, Si Jiahui, Judd Trump, and Stuart Bingham, each victory a testament to his unwavering resolve and unwavering pursuit of snooker excellence.

The Warrior's Triumph

In contrast, Kyren Wilson's journey to the final bore the mark of a warrior, his ferocious determination and formidable skill captivating audiences throughout the tournament. Wilson's prowess on the green baize was unparalleled, his break-building prowess and impeccable cue ball control setting him apart as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

A standout performer of the championship, Wilson's path to the final was paved with triumphs over formidable opponents. His victories over Dominic Dale, Joe O'Connor, John Higgins, and David Gilbert showcased not only his technical prowess but also his mental fortitude. 

A Testing Debut: Jak Jones' Trial by Fire

Entering uncharted territory in not only his debut World Snooker Championship final, but his first ever professional ranking final, Jak Jones, the Pride of Wales, found himself grappling with a cocktail of nerves and anticipation as he stepped into the crucible of the green baize. The weight of the occasion bore heavily upon him, manifesting in a tentative start that belied his usual flair and precision.

In stark contrast to Jones' apprehension, Kyren Wilson, the seasoned campaigner, seized the opportunity to assert his dominance from the outset. In a relentless onslaught, Wilson emphatically claimed the first seven frames of the match, each stroke a testament to his mastery of the game. With six breaks exceeding the 50-point mark, including two majestic century breaks of 129 and 125, Wilson left spectators spellbound, his cue wielding like a conductor's baton orchestrating a masterpiece.

Amidst the one-sided affair, Jones managed to summon a flicker of his trademark brilliance in the waning moments of the session. With a break of 65, he clinched his first frame of the match, offering a glimpse of his true potential amidst the shadow of Wilson's dominance. 

As the first session ended, Jones found himself staring down the barrel of a daunting 7-1 deficit. 


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Glimmer of Hope in the Second Session

Entering the second session of the final, Jak Jones, fuelled by a potent mix of determination and redemption, stepped up to the table with a resolve to overturn the hefty deficit looming over him. Despite the daunting task ahead, Jones summoned the courage and precision necessary to ignite a resurgence in his campaign for snooker glory.

Jones wasted no time in announcing his resurgence, swiftly clinching the first two frames of the session with a display of solid break-building prowess. His breaks of 75 and 52 served as a testament to his unwavering resolve, narrowing the gap to 7-3 and igniting a spark of hope amidst the sea of adversity.

Clinical Counterattack

However, Wilson, proved unyielding in the face of Jones' resurgence. Displaying a clinical edge, he would clinch the next two frames, including his third century break of the match at 125, to extend his lead to 9-3.

An Exchange of Blows: The Tug of War Continues

In a relentless back-and-forth exchange, the ensuing frames were shared between the two contenders. Despite Jones' valiant effort to claw back his deficit, Wilson's formidable presence loomed large as he notched his fourth century break of the match at 122, maintaining a commanding lead at 10-4.

Undeterred by the uphill battle, Jak Jones showcased his resilience and mettle in the ensuing frames. His highest break of the match at 90 served as a testament to his growing momentum, as he clawed back his deficit to within four frames at 10-6.

Crucial Moment on the Black

As the session drew to a close, the tension reached its zenith in the final frame, with both contenders vying for supremacy on the green baize. Despite Jones' valiant efforts and opportunities to further narrow the deficit, it was Wilson's steely resolve that ultimately prevailed, securing a crucial frame to maintain a five-frame cushion heading into the final day of the tournament.

Despite Jones' spirited resurgence, his efforts to rally back were not enough to erase the sizable lead amassed by his adversary. With the session ending 5-4 in his favour, Jones found himself faced with a daunting mountain to climb, trailing 11-6 as he prepared for the ultimate showdown on the final day of the championship.

Potential Shift in Momentum to Start the Third Session

Amidst the tense atmosphere of the third and potentially final frame of the session, echoes of the previous session's turgid conclusion reverberated on the green baize. Wilson needed three snookers to stay in the first frame, which proved too much as Jones would eventually slot in the blue after a longed safety battle. 

With a break of 59, Jones further narrowed the gap, prompting Wilson to concede the frame and bringing the score to 11-8 in favour of Wilson.

However, Wilson swiftly responded with breaks of 50 and 83, regaining a five-frame advantage as the players headed into the mid-session interval, with the score line at 13-8. 


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Disruption in Play

Continuing his pursuit of redemption, Jones then secured the next two frames with brilliant breaks of 90 and 73. His precision and focus narrowed the deficit to just three frames, bringing the score to 13-10. 

However, Jones' momentum was abruptly halted by an unexpected interruption. A disturbance caused by an unwell woman in the audience necessitated a temporary break in play, disrupting the flow of the match and providing a brief respite for both players.

Unaffected by the disruption, the 2020 finalist swiftly regained his attacking prowess in the 24th frame, notching another high break of 87. His relentless pressure proved insurmountable for Jones as Wilson extended his lead to 14-10. 

Wilson Can Taste Glory

Wilson capped off the session with authority, securing the final frame with a commanding 72-point lead after Jones missed several opportunities to mount a comeback. While Jones displayed glimpses of his tournament form, the shadow of the first session still loomed large over him.

With just three frames needed in the fourth and final session, Wilson edges closer to clinching the coveted title of 2024 World Snooker Champion.

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