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2024 World Snooker Championship: Judd Trump Triumphs Despite Hossein Vafaei's Resilience

Judd Trump overcomes Hossein Vafaei's challenge, clinching 10-5 victory.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-21

Naim Rosinski

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Vafaei's Early Surge Almost Sets Tone for Session

In the second session of the first-round clash at the 2024 World Snooker Championships, Judd Trump faced off against Hossein Vafaei with a 6-3 lead in his favor. Despite being the favorite, Trump found himself facing stiff resistance from the Iranian potter.

Vafaei displayed resilience from the outset, showcasing conservative snooker skills to take an early lead in the session, signalling his intent to narrow the deficit. However, Trump, known as the Ace in the Pack, soon shifted into a formidable gear, cruising through the next three frames with clinical efficiency to extend his lead to 9-4, just one frame away from securing victory.

Trump Seals Victory Despite Lacklustre Session

Yet, Vafaei refused to capitulate, staging a spirited fightback in the fifth frame of the session. Engaging Trump in a tense battle, Vafaei capitalised on an opportunity to pot the final two balls, claiming another frame in the match.

Despite the Iranian's resurgence, Trump ultimately sealed the deal in the following frame, clinching the match 10-5. However, the session lacked the high-scoring flair typically associated with Trump's attacking style, with no breaks exceeding 50.


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Awaiting the Next Opponent

With this victory secured, Trump now awaits the outcome of the match between Tom Ford and Ricky Walden, where Ford holds a solid 6-3 advantage following their first session on Saturday. The world will be watching eagerly to see who Trump will face in the next round of the championship.

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