2024 World Snooker Championship: Robert Milkins on the Fear Ronnie O'Sullivan Instils into his Opponents

Ronbert Milkins clinches tight first-round win. Unfazed by upsets, eyes avoiding O'Sullivan. Respect for the legend evident.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-24

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Milkins' Outlook: Optimism Amidst Upsets

In a thrilling showdown at the 2024 World Snooker Championships, Robert Milkins emerged victorious over Pang Junxu in a closely contested match that went down to the wire. Despite both players acknowledging their subpar performances, the Milkman clinched the win with a slender 10-9 margin, securing his spot in the last-16 of the prestigious tournament.

Following his hard-fought victory, Milkins reflected on his journey through the competition, expressing his indifference towards potential opponents in the next round. With top seeds like reigning champion Luca Brecel and the in-form Ali Carter already eliminated from his quarter of the bracket, Milkins acknowledged the shifting landscape but maintained a pragmatic stance.

"I don’t care whether I play Luca Brecel or David Gilbert in the next round, it doesn’t make a difference to me. But when all the top seeds start getting knocked out, I do start to go back and look and the draw," Milkins commented, highlighting his focus on the evolving dynamics of the tournament.

A Light-hearted Glance at the Draw: Ready for Ronnie

In a light-hearted moment, Milkins playfully indulged in speculation about potential matchups in the latter stages of the championship. With a hint of jest, he remarked on his peek into the future rounds and humorously projected himself facing off against the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final.

"I think I’ve got Ronnie [O’Sullivan] in the final," Milkins quipped, showcasing his relaxed demeanor amidst the competitive atmosphere of the tournament.


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Respect for the Greatest: Milkins' Admiration for O'Sullivan

However, beneath the banter lies a deep respect for snooker's greatest player, Ronnie O'Sullivan. Milkins revealed his reverence for O'Sullivan by admitting that, before every tournament, he strategically assesses the draw to avoid a potential encounter with the iconic figure.

"I’m joking, but the first thing I always look at is where Ronnie [O’Sullivan] is in the draw. He’s the only one I actively look to avoid," Milkins confessed, underscoring the profound impact O'Sullivan has on both the sport and its players.

A Glimpse of Scarcity

Milkins' candid acknowledgment of his desire to steer clear of O'Sullivan highlights the rarity and significance of such encounters on the snooker tour. Despite his confidence and competitive spirit, Milkins recognises the formidable challenge posed by the presence of the sport's most illustrious figure.

As the 2024 World Snooker Championships progress, Milkins' journey continues, marked by resilience, optimism, and a keen awareness of the formidable competition that lies ahead. With each match, he navigates the twists and turns of the tournament, fuelled by the pursuit of excellence and the thrill of the game.

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