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2024 World Snooker Championship: Stephen Maguire Triumphs in Revived Rivalry with Shaun Murphy

Stephen Maguire's victory over Shaun Murphy symbolises a shift from rivalry to respect in a heated encounter, setting the stage for an unexpected quarterfinal clash.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-28

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A Clash Beyond the Baize

In a showdown distinguished more by its intense off-table dynamics than the typical on-table play, Stephen Maguire and Shaun Murphy found themselves locked in a gripping duel during the last-16 stage of the 2024 World Snooker Championship

Emotions Unleashed: Maguire's Roar

The atmosphere crackled with fervour and determination from the outset, with both players wearing their emotions on their sleeves. Notably, Maguire's jubilant celebration upon seizing a 10-6 advantage electrified the Crucible Theatre, showcasing the raw passion driving both contenders.

Rivalry Transformed: From Feud to Respect

This encounter marked just one chapter in a storied rivalry spanning nearly two decades, characterised by numerous intense clashes and well-documented animosity. Yet, amidst the tension of the snooker table, a remarkable transformation occurred – the fierce rivalry evolved into a profound mutual respect, as Maguire and Murphy recognised the striking parallels between them.


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Maguire’s Momentum

As the third and final session commenced, Maguire wasted no time in resuming his dominance from the previous day, notching a break of 68 in the opening frame to extend his lead, edging tantalisingly close to securing a berth in the last-16. Murphy, however, swiftly countered with a frame of his own, narrowing the deficit to 11-7 in favour of the Scotsman. Yet, Maguire maintained his momentum, unleashing another impressive break of 73 to move within striking distance of victory.

A Brief Response

Refusing to concede defeat, Murphy showcased his resilience, clinching the 20th frame with a break of 67, forcing the game into a mid-session interval. Following the break, the Magician rallied, claiming consecutive frames to shrink his deficit to 12-9, hinting at a potential comeback. However, a pivotal moment ensued when Maguire capitalised on a mid-range red miss by Murphy, unleashing a counter break of 84 to seal the game 13-9.

Quarterfinal Clash with Gilbert

This triumph paves the way for a quarterfinal showdown against David Gilbert, who secured a convincing victory over Robert Milkins, unveiling a rejuvenated fitness regime in the process. 

The match epitomises the unpredictable nature of the tournament, as both Maguire and Gilbert, positioned outside the top 25 on the World Snooker Tour's rankings, defied expectations of early exits, showcasing their mettle on the green baize.

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