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2024 World Snooker Championship: Stuart Bingham Holds Off Jack Lisowski in Thriller to Reach Quarterfinals

Bingham edges past Lisowski in a tense clash, securing a spot in the quarterfinals to face snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-29

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Intensity Grips the Arena

In a nail-biting clash at the 2024 World Snooker Championship, former world champion Stuart Bingham and rising star Jack Lisowski locked horns in a battle that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. With each frame showcasing skill, tension, and drama, the match proved to be a true test of nerve and prowess on the green baize.

Early Lead for Bingham

The encounter began with Bingham asserting his dominance, securing an early 6-3 lead in the first session. Notably, his impressive breaks of 90 and 89 set the tone for the contest, leaving Lisowski with ground to cover.

Jack-pot Fights Back

Undeterred, Lisowski mounted a spirited comeback in the second session, narrowing the deficit to 9-7 with a series of formidable breaks, including four 50+ breaks of his own. His resilience breathed new life into the match, setting the stage for a gripping finale.

Tension Mounts in Final Session

As the final session commenced, the tension in the arena reached its peak. Bingham managed to extend his lead to 10-7, but Lisowski quickly retaliated, showcasing his skill with breaks of 73 and 51 to bring the score to a tantalising 10-9.


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Dramatic Turns of Fortune

In a pivotal moment, Jack-pot executed a stunning snooker on the yellow, only for Bingham to respond with a miraculous pot on the pink, turning the tables in his favour and securing an 11-9 lead. 

However, Lisowski refused to back down, delivering scintillating breaks of 84 and 123 to level the score at 11-11.

Heartbreak for Lisowski

With victory within his grasp, Lisowski found himself agonisingly close to sealing the 22nd frame. However, a crucial mid-range miss proved costly, allowing Bingham to seize control and reclaim the lead in a marathon frame that lasted over 45 minutes.

Bingham Secures Quarterfinal Berth

In the end, it was Bingham who emerged victorious, displaying nerves of steel as he closed out the match with a confident break of 54. With this hard-fought win, Bingham booked his place in the quarterfinals for the fifth time in his illustrious career.

Bingham's triumph sets the stage for an epic showdown in the quarterfinals, as he prepares to take on the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan. With O'Sullivan vying for a record-breaking eighth world title, Bingham faces a daunting challenge against the greatest of all time.

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