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Cheavon Clarke silences Tommy McCarthy

Cheavon Clarke put on a dominant performance as he stunned the hometown favourite Tommy McCarthy in a Belfast beat down.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-01-28

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In a battle of the big boys of the night in Belfast, Cheavon Clarke from Gravesend was ready to bury another win, in a belt defence against hometown sweetie pie Tommy McCarthy. 
With 7 straight wins, and some sort of feud with Jake Paul, Cheavon was focused on a confident McCarthy, and the Ulster Hall atmosphere. 
The crowd pumped awaiting the bruisers from the cruisers. 

The Rounds

Round one was all Cheavon, as his green and black shorts danced around the ring hitting and zinging McCarthy with a series of punches that he no answer to. McCarthy attempted to respond but found himself on the losing side of the punch-out, as Clarke began to shove him around to corners unknown.
A few air punches from TM, then a potential punch flourish, only to fall to the ropes again. Not enough for the judges to tally against the damage that Cheavon has wrought.

Round two and and it was the double C on the hunt, as he kept Tommy on the ropes, and pinched and nicked the already corned animal further. As McCarthy’s corner urged him to get off the ropes, he needed the bell more than anything in this round.

CC in round 3 again, as Cheavon keeps finding holes in McCarthy and fatiguing the big man even further. Tommy does try to come out and trade some shots, but it doesn’t go the way he hopes. Blood in the water, and on the face. Mostly i

It was rope time for TM again in round 4, as Cheavon is ready to end this thing, walloping McCarthy with some big body blows, until he finally goes down. The ref counts to 8, Tommy says he’s fine to go on, but he’s not, as Cheavon Clarke gets the TKO at 1:28 in the 4th round. 

Bring on Jake Paul!

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwainSenior Sports Writer

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