The Guide to Man of the Match Prizes in IPL

While players earn the majority of their income from salary, they may increase their income through great performances.

Ankitjit Singh
Ankitjit Singh

Last Updated: 2024-04-02

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Ruturaj Gaikwad with the Man of the Match cricket award in the IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has set completely new standards in the cricketing world. Even during weekdays, the stadiums are sold out, which depicts the kind of craze the league possesses. The tournament is ranked No.1 in all of the cricket leagues across the World as its competitiveness separates it from other tournaments.

Big prodigies have been part of the tournament since its inception and it has resulted in the league becoming an iconic international brand. Not only do we get to witness high-quality cricket, but financially, the league lures interest from investors and people directly involved.

There have been some heartwarming stories as well as how the IPL has changed the lives of players, who once used to struggle for daily wages.

Apart from hefty contracts, players can also receive bonuses in the form of awards based on their performances. With so much money involved, there’s a common question regarding how much do winders earn. In this piece, we take a look at man-of-the-match prize money in the IPL. 

Man of the Match Prize Money in IPL

Man of the Match is one of the prime awards in the game of cricket. However, it takes a lot to get the award as 22 players are in contention for the prestigious prize. It doesn’t come easy. A player must put in an extraordinary performance and help his side win a game. 

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

Man of the Match is usually rewarded to the player of the team who won the game. However, there have been a few instances where players from the losing team have put up an extraordinary effort with either bat, ball, or both, and that effort is simply too difficult to ignore.

The Man of the Match award in the IPL is decided by the commentary panel.

But there have been a lot of doubts about what is the Man of the Match prize money in IPL. The Man of the Match prize money in IPL is INR 1 lakh (1200 USD) per match. The player is presented with the cheque during the post-match presentation. 

IPL Prize Money in Dollars


20 Crore INR (USD 2.4M)


13 Cr INR (USD 1.57M)


7 Cr INR (USD 846K)


7 Cr INR (USD846K)

The winner of the Indian Premier League gets a prize money of INR 20 crores (2.4M USD), which Chennai Super Kings got last year.

Apart from this, runners-up also get a hefty amount of money. They get INR 13 crores (1.57M USD), which Gujarat Titans got. The third and fourth-placed teams also received INR 7 crore (846K USD), which Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants got.   

IPL 2023 Prize Money Players List


Prize money

Emerging Player

20 Lakhs INR(USD24,000)

Orange Cap

(Leading run scorer)

15 Lakhs INR(USD18,000)

Purple Cap

(Leading wicket-taker)

15 Lakhs INR (USD18,000)

INR 15 lakhs (USD 18000). 

15 Lakhs INR (USD18,000)

Most Valuable Player

12 Lakhs INR (USD14,500)

Game Changer

12 Lakhs INR (USD 14,500)

Maximum Sixes

12 Lakhs INR (USD 14,500)

The best players in the IPL are rewarded for their performances in the IPL. The league has a separate award for the emerging player of the tournament and the winner is decided based on the fan polls. He gets a prize money of INR 20 lakhs (USD24000). The leading run-getter and the wicket-taker in the tournament gets an orange cap and purple cap respectively and is rewarded with INR 15 lakhs (USD 18000).

There’s also an award for super striker of the season. A player, who has the highest strike rate in the season gets a prize money of INR 15 lakhs (USD 18000).

The Most Valuable Player of the season along with the game changer of the season and player with the most sixes in the season gets a prize money of 12 Lakhs (USD14,500).


What is the orange cap winner prize money?

The orange cap winner gets a prize money of INR 15 lakhs (USD 18000). The award goes to the players who has scored most runs in the edition of the league.

What is the purple cap winner prize money?

The purple cap winner prize money is similar to the orange cap winner prize money. The leading wicket-taker in the season of the Indian Premier League gets INR 15 lakhs (USD 18000). 

Image Credits: BCCI

Image Credits: BCCI

What is the IPL trophy price?

The IPL trophy price is not disclosed openly by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) but is estimated to be between INR 30 to 50 lakhs (USD $40,000 to $70,000). Famous jewelry brand, Orra has the manufacturing rights of the trophy since the inaugural edition of the league in 2008.

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