2024 Premier League: Luke Humphries Dreams of Facing Luke Littler in a Final Again

Luke Humphries triumphs in Leeds, eyeing final rematch with Luke Littler, as well as revealing their off-stage bond.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-10

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Humphries Clinches Night 15 in Leeds

After securing his fourth Premier League win in Leeds, Luke Humphries finds himself in a three-way race at the top of the table, alongside Luke Littler and Michael van Gerwen. With each player displaying formidable skill and consistency, Humphries believes it's impossible to name a favourite for the upcoming playoffs at London's O2 Arena.

Cool Hand Luke also shed light on his previously undisclosed off-stage relationship with Luke Littler, as well as their pre-event ritual before each Premier League night.

No Clear Favourite for the Title

Throughout the tournament, Humphries has emerged as a standout performer, boasting a three-dart average over 100 for the entirety of the event. His remarkable consistency has propelled him into contention for the Premier League title, setting the stage for an electrifying finale.

However, his two rivals are also in formidable form. Luke Littler, the teenage sensation, currently leads the table, showcasing his exceptional skill and consistency. Meanwhile, Michael van Gerwen, a seven-time Premier League champion, has a reputation for elevating his performance as soon as he sets foot in the O2 Arena.

"I could tell you right now, I couldn’t give you a favourite. There is no favourite. There really isn't," Humphries asserted. "Luke [Littler] is not the favourite. I'm not the favourite, nor is Michael van Gerwen, no one's the favourite. You can't call it, can you. We all go in and out of form,” Humphries told

Luke Humphries vs. Luke Littler: Rivalry Unlocked

Despite Luke Littler currently sitting at the top of the league table, Humphries is hot on his heels, closing in with each impressive victory. 

Addressing misconceptions about their relationship, Humphries emphasised his respect and admiration for Littler, dispelling any notions of rivalry away from the oche.

"A lot of media titles paint a different picture about mine and Luke’s relationship. I love him, to be honest," he candidly revealed. 


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Humphries and Littler’s Premier League Rituals

Highlighting their close relationship off the stage, Humphries shared insights into their pre-event rituals, showcasing the camaraderie between himself and Luke Littler. These moments of shared practice and conversation serve as a testament to their mutual respect and friendship amidst the competitive arena of professional darts.

"Every Premier League night we always go up on the stage beforehand, have a practice together, and have a 20-minute chat. That’s our thing. We’re rivals on the stage, but we respect each other endlessly, and I think he’s a fantastic player."

The Dream Final

Additionally, Humphries expressed his heartfelt desire for a rematch against Luke Littler in the final, further highlighting the profound bond they share both on and off the stage. 

With genuine admiration in his voice, he spoke of the dream scenario where they would stand together on the final stage, regardless of the outcome. The sentiment of camaraderie and respect permeated his words as he envisioned shaking Littler's hand once more, echoing the unforgettable encounter they had at the 2024 World Championship final. 

"The dream would be for me to play him [Luke Littler] in the final. Whether he won, or I won, I’d love to stand on that final stage again and shake his hand.” 

The Most Competitive Premier League Yet

As the Premier League season heads towards its climax, the stage is set for one of the most competitive tournaments in its history. With the likes of Luke Humphries, Luke Littler, and Michael van Gerwen vying for supremacy, fans can expect thrilling matches and unpredictable outcomes at the O2 Arena.

With no clear favourite in sight, the Premier League playoffs promise to deliver excitement, drama, and perhaps a memorable showdown between two formidable players – Luke Humphries and Luke Littler – on the grand stage of London's iconic venue.

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