2024 Premier League: Luke Humphries Exposes Physical Advantage over Premier League Peers

Luke Humphries' victorious Premier League night in Brighton unveils his mental fortitude, supported by his girlfriend, and his physical edge in darts.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-08

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First-ever Premier League Victory

Following his emphatic victory at Night Six of the Premier League in Brighton, Luke Humphries reflected on his remarkable journey, highlighting the mental fortitude that propelled him to success. 


In a post-match interview with, Humphries revealed how he didn't allow his recent defeat in the UK Open final against Dmitri Van den Bergh to deter him, stating, "I Didn't let the loss in the major on Sunday affect me. I stayed mentally strong, came here, took that form and played on."

Humphries’ Support System

Acknowledging the crucial support he receives from his girlfriend, Humphries credited her understanding and sacrifices, particularly in managing their son's early morning routine, allowing him to focus on his career. He emphasised, "Without her I wouldn’t be able to perform at the level I am, to keep up with the tough PDC schedule."


“Honestly, all the credit goes to my girlfriend. She could easily have me up at 6:00 AM looking after my son who wakes up at that time and she allows me to sleep in, so she understands the importance. She works incredibly hard at home. I work incredibly hard at darts. So, for me, I feel like that's important”, he commented. 

Dedication to Growth

Maintaining mental resilience is paramount for Luke Humphries, particularly as he navigates his debut Premier League season. While celebrating his triumphs, Humphries remains dedicated to continuous improvement, refusing to rest on his laurels despite achieving significant milestones in his career already. 


Throughout the season, Humphries has demonstrated unwavering commitment to growth and development as a player, showcasing his relentless endeavour to elevate his game to new heights. He emphasised, "Mentally I'm in the best place possible. I feel like I've achieved everything I've ever wanted, but you have to keep working harder and harder." 


This statement encapsulates Humphries' steadfast determination to evolve and refine his skills, ensuring that he remains at the forefront of professional darts. His willingness to push boundaries and embrace challenges underscores his relentless pursuit of excellence, marking him as a formidable force in the world of darts.



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Incomparable Peak Performance

Humphries also highlighted his unique approach to maintaining peak performance, emphasising the significance of sports nutrition and physical fitness. He explained, "I’m different from other players. I have my sports nutrition as well which keeps me not only mentally strong but physically too. I drink plenty of water and keep in great shape."


This dedication to fitness and nutrition enables Humphries to combat fatigue effectively, allowing him to stay sharper and less fatigued than his counterparts on the tour. This was evident in his stellar performance, contrasting with the visible signs of fatigue exhibited by fellow competitor Luke Littler in his recent match against Michael Smith. Humphries' holistic approach to his well-being serves as a testament to his commitment to excellence in the demanding world of professional darts.

Next Challenge

As Luke Humphries basks in the glory of his victory at Night Six of the Premier League in Brighton, there's little time for rest as he swiftly shifts his focus to the next challenge on the horizon. With his sights set on the 2024 Blåkläder Belgian Darts Open, Humphries prepares to embark on yet another chapter in his illustrious career. 


As the saying goes, "there's no rest for the wicked," and Humphries exemplifies this sentiment as he continues to pursue excellence with unwavering determination. Tomorrow night, all eyes will once again be on Humphries as he takes to the oche in Belgium, ready to showcase his exceptional talent and fierce competitive spirit.

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