2024 Premier League: Luke Humphries Wins Night Six in Brighton

Premier League night in Brighton: Luke Humphries dominates, clinching victory with a stunning 6-3 win over Michael Smith.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-07

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Night Six at The Brighton Centre

As the Premier League darts extravaganza arrives at The Brighton Centre for night six, anticipation runs high as the stage is set for an evening of electrifying clashes. Fresh off his victorious Premier League night in Exeter, Nathan Aspinall enters the arena, eager to continue his remarkable form. However, his path to success is obstructed by none other than his Target teammate, the sensational 17-year-old prodigy, Luke Littler. 


Adding to the excitement, just four days after his narrow defeat in the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open final against Dmitri Van den Bergh, the reigning world number one Luke Humphries makes his return to the PDC stage. Hungry for redemption, Humphries sets his sights on a showdown against the struggling Gerwyn Price, promising a night of unforgettable darting drama in Brighton.


Luke Humphries vs. Gerwyn Price

Gerwyn Price made a dramatic entrance reverting back to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, seizing the opening leg by swiftly breaking the reigning world champion's throw. 


Despite two missed darts in the second leg, Luke Humphries promptly retaliated to level the score. The ensuing legs saw a rapid exchange of holds, bringing the game to a tense deadlock at 2-2. 


However, Humphries shifted into overdrive, unleashing a formidable display to claim the next two legs, highlighted by a stunning 11-dart break of throw, surging ahead with a commanding 4-2 lead. With unwavering momentum, Humphries continued his onslaught, securing the following two legs convincingly to seal a resounding 6-2 victory over the Welshman, showcasing his prowess on the oche in a masterful performance.



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Rob Cross vs. Michael van Gerwen

In a match reminiscent of his match against Mensur Soljovic in Minehead at the UK Open, Michael van Gerwen appeared to be grappling with a persistent shoulder injury. Despite clinching the opening leg against Rob Cross, van Gerwen's performance suffered a noticeable dip, with his scoring falling well below his usual exceptional standard throughout the eight-leg contest. 


Struggling to find his rhythm, van Gerwen managed just five attempts at a double over the course of the match. Seizing the opportunity, Cross capitalised on van Gerwen's struggles, executing a clinical performance to secure a convincing 6-2 victory, despite not reaching his peak form. The match culminated in a remarkable three-dart 129 finish on the bullseye by Cross, sealing his triumph and underlining his dominance over the Dutchman on the night.



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Nathan Aspinall vs. Luke Littler

In a highly anticipated showdown between two Target teammates, Nathan Aspinall and Luke Littler collided on the PDC stage for the first time since their memorable encounter at the Bahrain Masters, where Littler made headlines with his inaugural televised nine-darter against Aspinall. 


Although lightning didn't strike twice in terms of nine-darters, Littler showcased his prowess once again, emerging victorious in their second meeting. Littler stormed into an early 3-0 lead, fuelled by impressive scoring, including two 180s, leaving Aspinall struggling to mount a challenge. Maintaining his momentum, Littler extended his advantage to 5-1, only to falter momentarily, missing three match darts. 


However, Aspinall's late resurgence wasn't enough to stage a comeback as the 17-year-old sensation sealed the match with his trademark double 10, securing a notable victory over his teammate on the big stage.



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Michael Smith vs. Peter Wright

In a contest marked by early struggles, Michael Smith and Peter Wright grappled to find their rhythm in the opening stages, exchanging throws in a tense battle. Both players found themselves below their usual standards, with averages dipping below 85, a rarity even considering their recent form dips. 


Despite the challenges, neither competitor managed to gain a significant advantage, maintaining a closely matched standard throughout the entirety of the match. With neither able to break the other's throw, the deadlock persisted, culminating in a nail-biting 5-5 deadlock, setting the stage for a tense last-leg decider to determine who would advance to face Luke Littler in the night's second semi-final. 


In a tense finale, Michael Smith edged past Peter Wright, surviving a match dart and repelling two from Wright himself, to secure victory. However, it was a hard-fought win for Smith, lacking the convincing dominance one might expect, as he progressed to the next stage of the competition.



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Luke Humphries vs. Rob Cross

In the first scintillating semi-final clash, world number one Luke Humphries ignited the stage in Brighton with a blistering display of darts. Bursting onto the scene, Humphries surged ahead, swiftly claiming the first two legs in emphatic fashion, establishing a commanding 3-1 lead in the early exchanges. 


Rob Cross, however, staged a brief resurgence, mounting a comeback by securing two consecutive legs, capped off with a clinical 86 checkout on the bull to level the game at 3-3. 


Undeterred, "Cool Hand" Luke retaliated with precision, sealing an 85 checkout to regain the lead, a position he maintained until the end. Humphries delivered an outstanding performance, boasting an astronomical average of 113.71, while Cross also showcased remarkable form with an average of 108. 


Despite his commendable effort, Cross couldn't overcome the sheer brilliance of Humphries, who emerged victorious as the better man on the night, securing his place in the final with an exceptional display of darts.



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Luke Littler vs. Michael Smith

The action unfolded with a moment of brilliance as Smith executed a remarkable 120 checkout in an unorthodox manner. Starting with a treble 20, followed by double 20, and impeccably finished off with double 10, Smith broke Littler's throw in the second leg, swiftly establishing an early 2-0 lead. 


Littler encountered early struggles with his doubles, faltering in his first six attempts, perhaps displaying signs of fatigue for the first time in his PDC career, which hindered his momentum in the match. 


Despite managing to narrow the deficit to 3-2, Littler couldn't maintain the momentum as Smith capitalised on opportunities, securing three of the next four legs to ultimately eliminate the 17-year-old sensation from the competition. While Smith didn't showcase his best form, his performance proved sufficient to overcome Littler's challenge and advance to the next stage of the tournament.



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Final: Luke Humphries and Michael Smith

In a high-stakes showdown for the title of Brighton's champion and a crucial leap in the Premier League standings, Luke Humphries and Michael Smith engaged in a battle of skill and determination. With both players vying to surpass Luke Littler and Rob Cross to secure the coveted second place behind Michael van Gerwen, the intensity was palpable. 


Continuing his exceptional form from the previous matches, Humphries demonstrated relentless precision and speed on the oche, leaving Smith struggling to keep pace with the world number one's scoring prowess. 


In a display of sheer dominance, Humphries capped off his remarkable Premier League night in Brighton with an emphatic victory, demolishing Smith 6-3 in incredible fashion. With this resounding triumph, Humphries clinched the night's victory, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with on the Premier League stage.

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